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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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The discovery of secret prisons Daash in Fallujah and the latter exploited for Baghdad attacks



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The discovery of secret prisons Daash in Fallujah and the latter exploited for Baghdad attacks

Post by rocky on Tue 28 Jun 2016, 4:30 pm

The discovery of secret prisons Daash in Fallujah and the latter exploited for Baghdad attacks


Long-Presse / Baghdad

Revealed an American newspaper, on Tuesday, all find Iraqi security forces to secret prisons set up by (Daash) in the middle of residential neighborhoods of the town houses for fear of targeted raids international coalition warplanes Iraq, indicating that they reflect part of the "wild" regulation and the extent of the suffering of the people as a result of his actions.

The Washington Post The Washington Post the US, in a report today, I followed (range Press), "The Daash around three adjacent houses in a residential area of ​​Fallujah into a big prison where victims are held and practiced against them all kinds of torture, as well as carrying out the execution of the remaining ahead of them managed to Iraqi forces of liberation of the city. "

According to the Washington Post, that "behind the gates of the three houses that look as homes of ordinary teachers area in Fallujah, there is a big prison was used by Daash to carry out their sentences against his victims, which among other sites uncovered by Iraqi forces after the liberation City", "noting that" Daash used the houses of Fallujah as a cover for holding workshops for the manufacture of improvised explosive devices and weapons stores and prisons to avoid air strikes targeted the international coalition or Iraqi military aviation. "

And I went back to the newspaper, that "disclosure of that prison sheds light on the brutal and horrific methods that were practiced Daash to tighten his control of the city, through executions, torture and ill-treatment of people before being freed from it."

The Washington Post quoted Col. Haitham Ghazi, a rapid reaction in the Iraqi police force, saying officers, pointing to one of the prison cells, and the door locked behind bars, that can be "feeling the suffering of the prisoners inside the cell."

The cell, which was probably sitting in the original House chamber, has been transformed, according to the newspaper claustrophobic place reeking of foul odors embody the suffering of detainees, where he was packing windows metal plates block the sun, and show pillows small many deployed on its territory, made of remnants cut fabric curtains, the supposed number of prisoners who were held in the room by Daash, while the upstairs rooms still contain clothes and other belongings of the family who lived in the house before having to leave, or perhaps falling victim to this extremist organization.

He said Col. Ghazi, that "papers and documents found in the home prison, revealed many of the people who held them Daash courts for many of them on charges of theft or minor violations, such as smoking or not to wear the uniform of the organization (of Afghanistan)."

In turn, the commander of the rapid reaction in the region forces, Maj. Gen. Thamer Ismail, said that "Iraqi forces found a treasure trove of information about the organization Daash in Fallujah," noting that "Daash was exploiting the city in the implementation of car bombings in Baghdad and areas further exceeded the border into Syria "noting that" rapid reaction forces found another temporary prisons in smaller Nazal neighborhood in Fallujah, perhaps more than any of them will be revealed later. "

Reported the Washington Post, that "the militants Daash worked outlets through the garden walls separating the three houses to navigate through them among the three prisons without ever having to get out to the street to avoid detection and to raise their suspicions," adding that "the door of Reception Room main big house Ogfatt plate iron , was the first sign that the place is not an ordinary house. "

He explained Col. Ghazi, that "the nozzles caused between the walls of the rooms to make them a cell wider arrested with enhanced windows with iron bars," pointing out that "the Iraqi security forces found blankets, curtains thrown on the floor with the remnants passing thought it was given to the prisoners in the cell with the ventilation is better than other evidence that it was intended for those convicted provisions of light. "

He said the Iraqi officer, that "the other cells found in the third house revealed how brutal Daash they seem designed for people with heavy sentences, as they contain iron large chains hanging from the ceiling and other methods of torture," and continued that "Daash was attached victims of their feet and assails them up. "

He revealed Col. Ghazi, about "the existence of cells of solitary confinement in the upstairs rooms of the house where Each room on the fifth solitary confinement separated from each plates metal width foot and a half of each one, and no vent all of the above", stressing the "difficulty breathing inmate high temperatures in the summer for a cell. "

The Iraqi officer, that "the prison was empty when the Iraqi forces have reached so do not know exactly to those who were being held with the exception of the effects of rapid executions that have been implemented with the progress of Iraqi forces into the city what happened to it," asserting that "Iraqi forces found seven bodies on at least in the school yard across the street interview, the likely presence of other executions locations around the prison. "

The Washington Post, said that "one of the bodies found were of a man seen as the center of Qdta scissors open his mouth was infused majora scissors inside his throat as the last stage in the brutal execution before leaving the militants of the building."

The military media cell, confirmed in a (21-June current 2016), that the Federal Police found an al Daash terrorist prison in the Andalus district of Fallujah.

The commander of operations in Fallujah, Lt. Gen. Abdul-Wahab al-Saadi, revealed in (Walt 25 June current), for finding the security forces, the bodies of 15 people, most of them civilians and including military, inside the prison in the second teachers' area, north of Fallujah, while stressed lieutenant colonel in the Anbar police, that the fight against terrorism and the rapid reaction forces uncovered Daash continued to prison in a second area of ​​the teachers found the bodies of 15 civilians and soldiers executed by the organization during the past few days to shoot in different parts of the body, especially the head.

The commander edit Fallujah operations, officially announced yesterday the first Sunday (26 June, the current 2016), the end of military operations in the city, (62 km west of Baghdad), after its liberation in full, in a wide-scale operation began (23 May 2016 ), with the participation of military and police forces and the popular crowd and the crowd clan.

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