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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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Karbala Council: Attack (Daash) on the borders of the province intention to drop the specific goal a



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Karbala Council: Attack (Daash) on the borders of the province intention to drop the specific goal a

Post by rocky on Wed 29 Jun 2016, 4:00 am

Attack organization (Daash) on the western borders of the province of Karbala
Karbala Council: Attack (Daash) on the borders of the province intention to drop the specific goal and flag-raising organization

Author: HH, TT 
Editor: HH, NS 6.29.2016 10:54 Number ofViews: 326 

Long-Presse / Karbala
Revealed Operations Command of the Middle Euphrates, on Wednesday, that the elements of the organization (Daash) who were exposed to the western borders of Karbala, yesterday, took circuitous routes Nisemeh and were surprised by the presence of the trench-Turabi, and in Karbala Provincial Council confirmed that the attack on the western borders of the province was his intention to "drop a particular goal and raise aware of the organization by "elements of the organization is likely out of the desert areas of the province of Anbar.
The commander of the operations of the Middle Euphrates Major General Qais al-Muhammadawi in an interview (range Press), "The terrorist attack, which was foiled by our troops, on Tuesday, in the west of Karbala desert, was presented by a number of terrorists near the berm naughty under construction in the desert region "noting that" the number of terrorists were about 12 people and were wearing explosive belts and riding in three car bombs and they have light weapons. "
He Muhammadawi, that "prior information available to us about the intention of the terrorists exposure and access to that region have taken preparations to repel and this has already been taken," he said, adding, that "the terrorists took circuitous routes Nisemeh deeply desert was surprised by the presence of the trench and pieces of the army and federal police they faced rapidly With the help of the army aviation cars and blew up was to kill them all and seized their weapons. "
For his part, said the Karbala Provincial Council member Mahfouz al-Tamimi in an interview (range Press), "The exposure of terrorists was specifically in Khedira desert area (60 west of Karbala km) where there is a rollback first line of the province to the west," pointing out that " terrorists were traveling in three cars type Jamesa one of which plates governmental record, on their way to pass through a desert road was open previously unknown and recently closed as a result of security measures on the borders of the province. "
He said al-Tamimi, said: "All the terrorists were suicide bombers have got out of their cars after they opened fire on them by the federal police and army, have three Mfajkhathm belts and a number of them during the clash exploded," likely "the coming of those terrorists from desert areas in the province of Anbar, which is still not reached cleansing and editing operations. "
He Tamimi, that "the terrorists were carrying science organization (Daash) terrorist and wore special military equipment clashes of the helmets and armor and protective leg and the other seems to be their intention was to drop a particular goal and raise their knowledge him to achieve a moral victory for them, even for a short time."
In turn, said a member of the security committee in the provincial council in Karbala, Mohammed Talqani in an interview with (long-Presse), that "the attempts of the terrorists bring security breach on Karbala limits had been expected, especially after the defeats they have received in the liberation of Al-Anbar, Fallujah battles," asserting that "rollback terrorist exposure, which occurred west of Karbala, it was thanks to the efforts of security precautions and plans that have been developed during the last term by the military and security leaders in the governorate. "
He pointed Talqani, that "the trench that was created on the western borders of Karbala, close all the desert roads leading towards the city and repelled the terrorists today achieve the goal of it."
The leadership of the operations of the Middle Euphrates, announced on Tuesday (28 June 2016), a suicide bomber killed about 12 of the organization (Daash) and the bombing of three wheels bomb repelled an attack on the desert of Karbala (108 km south of Baghdad). Embankment near the slit trench, which is still under construction in the desert of Karbala towards Nukhayib, while showed that members of the organization were riding three-wheeled bomb, and carrying medium and light weapons and hand grenades.

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