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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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Army 45 km from the "Qayyarah base" after the liberation of the junction Shirqat Tlul Alpag



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Army 45 km from the "Qayyarah base" after the liberation of the junction Shirqat Tlul Alpag

Post by rocky on Thu 30 Jun 2016, 3:23 am

Army 45 km from the "Qayyarah base" after the liberation of the junction Shirqat Tlul Alpag

 Baghdad / term 

Ministry of Defence announced yesterday that its forces have become close to Qayyarah military base after the liberation of thejunction Sharqat area Tlul Alpag northern Salahuddin. 
, According to a ministry statement received (long - Presse) a copy of it, that " the pieces Armored Division ninth counterterrorism able to edit Junction Sharqat area Tlul Alpag, and became close to Qayyarah military base. " 
the statement added that he" was securing the road between the districts of Baiji and Sharqat leading to theNineveh province , which is a line of supply will help the military units in the next editing operations , "noting that" the security forces were able to liberalization of a number of subsidiaries to spend Sharqat and contribute to the maintenance of the land of villages in addition to the killing of a large number of gangs Daash terrorist. " in 
turn, stressed the chairman Salahuddin Ahmed Karim province, in an interview with (long - Presse)," edit hand Tlul Alpag (20 west km Sharqat) and raising the Iraqi flag over the building. " 
for his part, the commander of regiments police Salahuddin Brigadier Khalil sand, in an interview with (long -Presse)," the regiment forces 12 of emergency police repelled an attack by gunmen Daash on a village insouthern spend Sharqat, killing eight members of the organization , one of them was driving a car bomb ,"referring to" not fall casualties ranks of the police. " 
in a related context sand explained that" the joint forces during the incursion into the hand Tlul Alpag, west ofSharqat, found the 35 bodies of dead Daash leave the organization before fleeing from the confrontation. " 
earlier yesterday, the military said it broke through a number of villages controlled by the organization Daash heading towards Qayyarah Airport. 
a senior officer involved in the operation told Reuters the army and anti - terrorism recovered on Tuesday village Tlul Alpag , located about 260 kilometers north of Baghdad. 
He added that the air strikes of the coalition, led by the United States, helped in responding to attacks organization which uses car bombs, adding that the casualties suffered by both sides , but most of thegunmen fled into the desert. 
military officials said troops came within 45 kilometers of Qayyarah air Base , less than two weeks after the launch of the town of Baiji , where there are the largest oil refinery in Iraq. Restore other oil refinery went near Qayyarah - production capacity of 16 thousand barrels per day - a blow to financial rules to regulate Daash. 
And made ​​the army - which continues to be separately crept along the eastern bank of the Tigris River from Qayyarah - some progress but at a slower pace since regained a small number of villages despite the launch of the town drunk more than three months. 
An army source said that the Iraqi forces shelled a number of organizing Daash sites in the village of Haj Ali on Wednesday in preparation for the advancement of Perry predicts that will allow them access to the river bank. It is expected to unite those forces with troops coming from the south , near the air base located some ten kilometers to the west of the river. And it caused two operations so far in the displacement of thousands of civilians. The United Nations expects the displacement of several thousand others in the coming days. 
The official said the United Nations last week that the next military attacks in Iraq against the militant group ,including Mosul process may cause the displacement of 2.3 million people , at least.

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