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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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Refraction Daash in Fallujah eases its grip into the connector and puts it in front of the crisis re



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Refraction Daash in Fallujah eases its grip into the connector and puts it in front of the crisis re

Post by rocky on Thu 30 Jun 2016, 3:25 am

Refraction Daash in Fallujah eases its grip into the connector and puts it in front of the crisis recruit fighters

 translation: Range 

In addition to ataxia Daash group, spread out in writing the letter "M" on the walls in theheart of succession alleged evidence of asignificant split within them. It is the first letter of the word "resistance" that appeared near the Grand Mosque in the city of Mosul , three weeks ago , a mosque that al - Baghdadi delivered the only speech in Mosul that bold action exposes itself to death. 
During the recent period Daash group became more severe on people hostile her in order to impose control onthem. Major General Najim al - Jubouri, the leader of the restoration of Mosul told Reuters the process and say "they are ruthless but they are not as strong as they reprobate from the people of Mosul." 
At first people welcomed Bmslha Daash they Senqdhunhm from government forces , which they deem repressive forces, but after a while people began to reject this regulation radical. in 
conjunction with this, thousands responded foreigners to the appeal of the group 's leader Abu Bakr al -Baghdadi to trickle into the land of "caliphate" and alleged fueling a war they see as "sacred." 
at the time the group has achieved some victories thanks to the weakness of the government forces, and was financed itself from the sale of oil and grab weapons left by the troops, but two years after the declaration of the alleged succession, wave overturned in favor of the Iraqi forces in various formations of the army, police and Peshmerga popular and crowd in addition to the international coalition forces launched air strikes on militants and carried out special operations against its leaders. 
he says Hisham al - Hashemi, an expert and adviser to the government Iraqi, said 39 leaders of the group - totaling 43 - were killed. He says the army and the Peshmerga leaders said the group publishes fighters withlittle experience and non - believers its ideology to defend what remains of the Caliphate , which is under attack on all fronts. 
Recently the Iraqi forces entered the city of Fallujah and liberated completely, and hurtling toward Mosul today in one of the fronts. A group of women said Daash fighters grip began to slip with the progress of the Iraqi forces to the point where they are no longer punished women for not wearing the veil. Harpoon of the city as recently stated, including three members of Daash repentant, that the number of foreign fighters has fallen largely failed group 's efforts to recruit parents except destitute youth. 
Say a repentant of Hawija, who turned himself in to the Kurdish forces zone, "when they are a young man does not have 250 dinars a person comes to you and offers you 20 or 30 thousand dinars, you do anything. " 
the organization Daash currently known to send" Bal_husbh "to the battlefront as a result of the death of a lot of fighters in his police fronts. This means decreasing number of armed men charged with imposing strict set rules and the type of dress imposed. 
He says one of the teachers fleeing recently from Mosul that people are afraid many of the militants , even when their absence "If they say that this black color is white you will have to agree." 
As the group returned the curriculum design tuition to reflect the ideology dedicated to the fight, and set anexample on the issue of calculations required students to solve; she says matter "Mujahid holds 7 hardware stores for his gun, each of which contains a 30 - round, how many times you can launch the unbelievers?"Also changed the Arabic language lessons as asking pupils fill in the blanks in sentences like slogans such as "Islamic state and is the ----- ------ answer is survival and expansion. 
With the deterioration of living conditions and cracked extremists, the people of the group that increased hostility used civilians as human shields to slow the progress of the Iraqi forces , as happened in Fallujah, and trying to escape is executed even if they are a woman or a child. 
despite the number of people much more than the insurgents they are the weakest of them because they do not have weapons, and because the group has to liquidate members of the security forces in the days thefirst after control of Mosul, but the parents have begun cooperating with the outside of the city 's security forces through the delivery of information on the insurgents. 
He says Abdulrahman Olokua, a member of the Nineveh provincial council, said the group began to move local leaders from place to place so that parents do not know their positions and tell the coalition forces Iraqi forces out. 
also, contacts with the outside world cracked Group, where he executed people to use mobile and confiscated Satellite dishes to prevent them from watching progress of the Iraqi forces. 
The military leaders hoped the uprising against the extremists with the approaching army of Mosul. A senior Iraqi commander said troops with Balohala contact into the connector to synchronize the uprising with military attack from abroad. The 
plan is to occupancy insurgents on several fronts around Mosul at a time to get them out of the city and give people an opportunity for revolution. Acute distress and hunger, since Baghdad severed in Who 's theemployees ' salaries before in areas controlled by Daash group, forcing many residents to work with Almjmuah.kma Group exploited the fears of parents of reprisals from government forces. The 
three penitents say insurgents chased from trying to give them away , where one of them said he was arrested and tortured by armed men when he tried to escape he was forced to sell a cow from his cows to pay bail, and then managed to escape. he 
also recognized another same Kurdish forces in the hope that the deal with him leniently than government forces, says , "there are people who have misconception that their fate is linked to the fate of Daash. "

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