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Iraqi Arabs supplying Islamic State with food, oil in Sinjar, Yazidi commander says



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Iraqi Arabs supplying Islamic State with food, oil in Sinjar, Yazidi commander says

Post by rocky on Thu 30 Jun 2016, 6:18 am

Iraqi Arabs supplying Islamic State with food, oil in Sinjar, Yazidi commander says
Posted on June 29, 2016 by Editorial Staff in Yazidis

Photo: AFP

HEWLÊR-Erbil, Kurdistan region ‘Iraq’,— Commander of the Kurdish Yazidi mobilization force YBS near Shingal (Sinjar) in northwest Iraq says that food and oil supplies delivered to Arab families near Kurdish-held areas are being handed over by the villagers to Islamic State (IS) militants.
The best-known leader of the Yazidi force Haider Shasho told Rudaw that the Arab families live in some areas that were recently retaken from IS by the Peshmerga or in villages that fall in the no-mans-land between the two forces particularly near Hardan.
“Many times I informed the related authorities but no one listened,” he said.

A Peshmerga official from that frontline rejected Shasho’s claims, saying no food or any kind of supply has been delivered to villages near or under IS control.
“There is no evidence that anything has been delivered to those Arabs,” said General Essa at the fourth brigade of the Peshmerga ministry of Peshmerga.
It is reported that some villagers may have also delivered self-defense weapons to IS.
The people of the villages of Golat, Nihenin and Hayashat remained in their villages when the Kurdish forces liberated the territory from IS in November 2014 and have since lived an area across the frontline between the Peshmerga and IS west of Mosul.
Aid organizations have reported severe humanitarian conditions in those villages.
The families, numbering 200, refused at first to live under Peshmerga control only to request later on to move to Kurdish-held territories, Rudaw reported.
The Kurdish forces rejected their request on grounds of having no authority to decide.
A security force near Shingal said there have been efforts to send the villagers supplies which was stopped by the Peshmerga for lack of a direct or safe route to the villages.
The source revealed however that humanitarian organizations such as Red Cross have tried three times to deliver food to the area which raised their suspicion.
“Two months ago our battalion commander informed us at 09:00 pm that some trucks of goods will come to go to the final points of the frontlines, then we saw that 10 small trucks came to pick up the goods across from the Peshmerga frontline but none of trucks went to the families and they went towards Talafar area instead,” said a Peshmerga from Golat village in Hardan frontline.
Shasho went on to say that the Peshmerga had arrested some people on charges of providing the food supplies to the villages who were later released.

The Shingal area security official denied the claim.
In April 2015, Iraqi Kurdish KDP authorities have arrested the top commander of the Yazidi YBS militia Haidar Shesho and charged for ‘creating an illegitimate militia’. Shesho commands 5,000 Yazidi resistance fighters in Sinjar who have been treated with hostility because of their independence from the Kurdistan Democratic Party KDP and its Peshmerga. The arrest of Shasho, brought outrages across Iraqi Kurdistan and internationally. Shesho was released from custody later in April 2015.
Islamic State group has captured most parts of Sinjar on August 3, 2014  after Iraqi Kurdish KDP Peshmerga forces withdrew from Shingal without a fight, leaving behind the Kurdish Yazidi civilians, which led thousands of Kurdish families to flee to Mount Sinjar, where they were trapped in it and suffered from significant lack of water and food, killing and abduction of thousands of Yazidis as well as rape and captivity of thousands of women.

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