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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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Daash convoy turned around behind the army troops and tried to return to the camp administration, "A



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Daash convoy turned around behind the army troops and tried to return to the camp administration, "A

Post by rocky on Sat 02 Jul 2016, 3:24 am

Daash convoy turned around behind the army troops and tried to return to the camp administration, "Abu flames" in the valley Horan

BAGHDAD / Wael blessing 

Iraqi aircraft destroyed half Daash convoy ,which was launched, on Tuesday night, mysteriously south of Fallujah , meaning out toward the desert. As conflicting reports about the size of the convoy and the number of militants Ver.usay militants Daash, according to accounts of officials in Fallujah, to get to the point where she had witnessed his birth in Iraq, which (Wadi Horan), and then catch up with the rest of the organization in Mosul. The 
Iraqis heard b (Wadi Horan), the first time when it was announced by former Prime Minister Nuri al - Maliki, the end of 2013 in the city of Karbala, launching a military operation under the name (revenge of chief Mohammad spherical) , who was killed in those Almntqh.hanha were protests escalate in Fallujah and Ramadi against the government, and embarked forces military large - scale operation in Anbar desert extends up to the Jordanian and Syrian borders. 
the football is the commander of the seventh division of the Iraqi army, was killed along with his assistant commander of the first Brigade of the band Brigadier General Naumann Mohammed, in addition to 14 senior officers and a number of soldiers, and wounded 35 others during a raid on a den follower Al - Qaeda in theregion within the Shiite mosques Valley Horan (420 km west of Anbar). Organize "Daash" He had not known Anmak.ouktl current name in the early days of the start of the process towards an armed 600 were destroyed five camps, according to military data. But the surprise came after days spread through armed "unknown" inside Fallujah and some of the outskirts of Ramadi. Return to the starting point after about two and a half years of the incident, he tried to Daash after the break it in Fallujah, back from where he was, to get to one of the main camps in the region desert that bears the name (sheikhs camp). the infamous camp across theinvisible version published Daash a prominent leader Shaker Wahib, who was killed in the wet last may shows, which leads exhibition movements in front of a group of Muslhan.okan organization has published a number of videos dating to 2013, show out a number of its regiments of the same camp. he says Saadoun al - Shaalan, a member of the local council in Fallujah, said that "Daash went out in the evening of Albu Hatim area of the town of gravel, south of Fallujah , meaning sheikhs camp , " he stressed Shaalan, in contact with the (range), that "fleeing from Fallujah, gathered over the past few days, in a dense agricultural area and drove cars Pickup, Kia carried away with their families across the desert roads to the valley Horan." the wire convoy Daash bumpy road called (desert Alajafh). A route that is confined between the east of Ramadi, west ofKarbala and North Razzazah, then reached Information Astkhparah to fly to start pounding the convoy who were conflicting reports about the real number is . He says Shaalan, who spoke after taking the first Friday prayers held inside Fallujah after its liberation, " The number of cars was about 450, and it seems to havepassed in the ways behind the stationing of troops zones, but how not seen ?! ". it is likely the local official said that the objective of the militants from this long rotation through the desert, is to get rid of the aviation monitoring and access to Mosul, which has become the last stronghold of Daash in Iraq . but Shaalan says that "half of the convoy may get rid of the air strikes , " pointing out that "Daash sent suicide bombers to engaging the ground forces that tried to catch up with them, and among the fighters of the victims of thefamilies of the Albu Issa." and speaks local administrator in Fallujah for "unconfirmed According to receive military withdrawal orders before the passage of these convoys , "pointing to" the presence of Abrams tanks US has moved from its original location mysteriously! " and questioned Prime Alorza Haider al - Abadi, 24 hours after the incident, the number of convoys that came out of Fallujah, considering that their number does not exceed the number of vehicles that were destroyed. The army aviation commander Gen. Hamid al -Maliki, told a news conference published by the Ministry of Defence site, has talked about a convoy consisting of 700 cars was moving at 11 kilometers in length, confirming the destruction of 130 vehicles. Abadi denied categorically denied allegations of allowing some terrorists out of Fallujah and the existence of a dialogue with them, saying it is "a crime against the Iraqi people and displaced and fighters." Raised rapid liberalization of Fallujah, last week, questions about the reality of the organization. The information may be disclosed (range), before the start of the battles, pointed to a deal made ​​by some of the clans of Fallujah , the Iraqi government spend allowed to enter the city without a fight against the failure to prosecute members of theorganization of the citizens of the city. He issued a Joint Special Operations Command, on Thursday, aclarification about the circumstances of the incident. Referring to monitor convoys of armed wheels carrying terrorists inside, where were these convoys heading towards the desert through Nisemeh routes between theregions of Habbaniyah Amiriyah Fallujah. The military statement said the Iraqi air force destroyed 96 wheel and killed a large group of Daash for the period from 29 to 30 June He added a statement of joint operations , " the heroes of the Iraqi army was able to destroy flight 507 wheels, and the killing of dozens of elements Daash in the same period , " adding that " the international airline alliance destroyed 177 wheel including three wheels bomb killed 349 terrorists." And was able to cuts the federal police, according to the statement, the destruction of 13 wheel and killed 20 terrorists and destroyed a brigade forty five wheels bomb , including two wheels Hammeltan of hardware, and the destruction of two wheels within boycotted the band 10 by Abrams tanks. To open an investigation of the incident in turn revealed see al - Issawi, head of the security committee in the Anbar provincial council, said that " the province opened an investigation on how to get out of those numbers of Daash, while staying military band Althamnh- Brigade 30. the forces of the crowd Amiriyah Fallujah line repulsed in front of the area that the infiltration of such regulation." confirms al - Issawi, in connection with (range ), that " the crowd clan clashed with gunmen, killing five of them and wounding more than 10, but Daash could be bypassed." The forces, which cleared extending between Amiriyah Fallujah to the gravel area, is preparing to break into "Albu Hatim , " which came out of her Muslhon.oohar security official said Daash was hiding in an area of 10 sq km area, and they stole cars citizens left there after being displaced residents to Amiriyah.

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