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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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US newspaper: Daash Fallujah said his area green but quickly collapsed in front of Iraqis



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US newspaper: Daash Fallujah said his area green but quickly collapsed in front of Iraqis

Post by rocky on Sat 02 Jul 2016, 3:33 am

US newspaper: Daash Fallujah said his area green but quickly collapsed in front of Iraqis

 translation term  

For a group Daash the Fallujah does not look like any other city; it 's the place where I was born movement and the first urban center seized in a lightning war led to the occupation of one - third of Iraq. 
But it did not take from the Iraqi forces more than five weeks to defeat the group in which more quickly than he expected Iraqi and American officials. 
The military leaders that one of the reasons officials were investing fighters Daash the city and the comfort provided by them what made ​​them fail to detonate says. 
he says a senior Iraqi counter - terrorism officers "Falluja was the command and control center. they were comfortable with it, have lived their leadership and their families there. were not able to blow up the city during its defense. " 
He added that the gunmen were betting on repel Iraqi forces on the outskirts of the city but they were unable to resist the overwhelming Iraqi force. 
With the speed of the control of Iraqi forces on the city center during the three days, troops discovered how entrenched Daash therein; there are administrative offices and courts of hidden prisons behind the facades ofluxury homes and huge factories for the manufacture of explosive and documents showing 266 suicide attack in Baghdad , the details, there are also medical clinics operating centers and great shopping and restaurants. 
the team Raed Shakir Jawdat federal police commander, sent six thousand troops to Fallujah, said his officers have seized papers and records document the exact nationalities and living conditions of foreign recruits and their families, he says , "they are living a normal life with their families." 
said Col. Muhannad al - Tamimi of the elite forces in the fight against terrorism, which led the attack on thecity, said the fighters Daash they call Fallujah , "green Zone" , referring to the heavily fortified green Zone in Baghdad. 
the attack started on Daash in Fallujah in late May with the support of the international coalition. At first , thepeople remained in their places, but after a breach of Iraqi forces defense lines and moves to the center, fled nearly 85 thousand civilians to camps nearby. Iraqi officials have said dozens of families Daash mingled Balohala fugitives. 
At the same time , the senior Daash leaders withdraw quickly to the desert and Northern banks of theEuphrates River, demanding small mattresses to stay and fight to the death, as revealed by wireless communications and some parents monitor from inside the city, and this is why dozens of fighters to escape from the battle. 
did not tack the remaining extremists with the devastating impact of items that have already been used in previous battles, and did not tack bomb their homes as roads were not bomb because they ran out of time.As well as there was no foreign volunteers as suicide bombers to act against the Iraqi forces, Iraqis usually Einfdhun suicide bombings and that the duty assigned to him to foreigners, according to Colonel al - Tamimi. 
Commanders have said that the waves of suicide attacks have been exhausted in the fighting outside ofFallujah early advance. After that Iraqi forces violated tribal fighters and first line of defense in the June 16 and began the exodus of tens of thousands of people, Daash lost another defensive means are human shields. He says Col. Mahmoud al - Jumaili, a tribal leader in the vine "That was the moment of the collapse Daash." 
The next day , the fight against terrorism and federal police forces entered the city center and announced theend of the fighting except for some pockets stationed in large buildings main Kalmschwy in the city. From there the Iraqi forces said they intercepted radio communications between the terrorists and their leaders revealed chaos in the group. 
Colonel Jumaili "fighters Daash refuse orders of their leaders and accuse them of running away and leave them alone in the face of tanks and air strikes." He added that groups of armed men were trapped in ahospital building they ask gear to no avail, and report the dead and wounded , but their leaders abandoned them where they were reacting them , "Let them will meet in paradise , " the Iraqi army .ozkr that killed nearly 1,800 armed during the campaign and arrested thousand others. Before the battle was the Iraqi army estimated the number of insurgents in the city five thousand fighters What explains that thousands of them have steamed. 
Iraqi authorities said they had arrested 20 thousand people who fled from Fallujah to conduct the investigation with them, has released 11 thousand of them fired while the 2185 arrest officially. 
 about: The Wall Street Journal

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