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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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US Air destroys 200 cars to Daash in Fallujah



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US Air destroys 200 cars to Daash in Fallujah

Post by rocky on Sat 02 Jul 2016, 3:34 am

US Air destroys 200 cars to Daash in Fallujah

 Baghdad / term 

The White House said on Thursday that thestrikes of the coalition led by the United States targeted the convoys to regulate Daash near the city of Falluja and destroyed more than 200 vehicles in an effort to help Iraqi forces to strengthen its control over the region. Said Josh Ernest, a White House spokesman told reporters that two coalition pilots monitoring two large convoys Wednesday night Tptaadan for Fallujah and carried out strikes against them. As quoted by Reuters. 
He said the strike destroyed more than 150 vehicle in the convoy , while the second destroyed more than 50 vehicles. In 
return, assured US Ambassador Stuart Jones, the participation of the international coalition aircraft to target aconvoy organize Daash fugitive from the south west of Fallujah areas, (62 km west of Baghdad), and pointed out that it "can not determine the number of wheels in the column" .ufema likely to be a number ofdevastating wheels in the convoy of more than 100, expressed his happiness to share aircraft the F16 Iraqi in the process. 
Stuart Jones in an interview with a number of media including (range Press), at the headquarters of the US embassy in central Baghdad, said that " the international coalition aircraft discovered a convoy organize Daash near Falluja on Tuesday and targeted on Wednesday, after distancing themselves from the civilian targets and to make sure of their identities . " He added Jones, that " the international coalition is still Asthsal information on the number of dead in the regulation process and mechanisms devastating ", stressing that it" can not determine the number of wheels in the column ".orjeh at the same time, that" the number of vehicles destroyed more than 100 mechanism, not 450. " He continued Jones, " The convoy regulation came in the form of three groups completely destroyed , " and expressed his pleasure to " the participation of aircraft the F16 to destroy this convoy." 
Said Jones, that " the strategy of Washington in the face of the organization Daash is depriving him of control of the land and attended its funding sources, and rely on the intelligence component in the detection ofsleeper cells in Iraq and Syria and all over the world. " He continued Jones, that "Washington is destroying theinfrastructure of the organization in Iraq, Syria and undermine its economy by dealing with the Central Bank ofIraq and a number of banks in the world to prevent the arrival of funds to the organization." In another context, the US ambassador said, " The credit facility agreement worth $ 2.7 billion will enable Iraq to complete the purchase of aircraft the F16 and maintaining aircraft and maintenance of tanks M1 A1 (Abrams) , " noting that " the facility will be interest at a rate of 6.5 with grace." 
He revealed "Conference of defense and interior will be held during the month of July present , " calling at thesame time, Iraq to "participate in the conference." 
said Jones that " the conference also aims to obtain the assistance and financial support for Iraq, thecontribution of the US, Germany, Japan and Canada, in order of which support the creation of financial campaign Mosul and support stability , "pointing out that" the participation of the popular crowd in the battle to liberate Mosul depends on the Prime Minister Haider al - Abadi, has not been discussed with him so far. " 
Jones expressed his country 's commitment to" elimination of al Daash soon, and to support the commitment of President Barack Obama defeat Daash through this year. "

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