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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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Army chasing the remnants of columns Daash in Anbar desert and destroys north of Karbala group



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Army chasing the remnants of columns Daash in Anbar desert and destroys north of Karbala group

Post by rocky on Sun 03 Jul 2016, 3:17 am

Army chasing the remnants of columns Daash in Anbar desert and destroys north of Karbala group

 Baghdad / term 

Posted Iraqi government, on Saturday, portable military force flown to the Anbar desert to search for the remains of columns organize Daash who fled Fallujah and were subjected to aerial bombardment, according toAFP. 
The Joint Special Operations Command said in a statement that " the strength of the quality of the leadership of operations Euphrates headquarters and 33 infantry Brigade launched at dawn on Saturday to hunt down some of the terrorists who managed to escape from the big convoys crushed Champions army Aviation. " 
I tried large convoy of gunmen to reach the depth of the desert toward Syria relating to Western Sahara.More than five hundred element of the organization Daash were killed in the air strikes also destroyed dozens of mechanisms by attempting militants Daash escape from the city of Fallujah, recaptured by Iraqi securityforces a few days ago, according to the Iraqi military said. 
Issued the leadership of the Iraqi joint operations a statement confirming that the Iraqi air force destroyed nearly "600 wheel and killed a large group of Daash terrorist gangs" Wednesday and Thursday. The statement also stressed that flight international coalition destroyed "177 wheel including three bomb killed 349 terrorists."
A statement of joint operations on Saturday that the power in the "surrounding the bridge kindergarten area in the desert of Anbar province and a distance of 140 kilometers from Karbala and began searching the area and managed to burn 9 download different wheels including the Arab terrorists, including sexual and destroy thetank. " The statement pointed out that " a portion of these wheels loaded with various weapons and explosive belts." 
The statement continued , "The strength and the attribution of air from the Army Aviation and coordinate thefield to inspect and disinfect the entire region and make sure they are free of terrorists and the wheels of their own." 
The losses suffered by the organization Daash is considered the largest in the overall operations waged in Iraq, which came after his defeat in the city of Fallujah , which was very quick and unexpected. the 
Iraqi army began at dawn on Saturday a military operation to liberate Khalidiya Island, north of the city ofRamadi area. The Joint Special Operations Command said in a statement : "God 's blessing begins editing process Khalidiya island of Conception Daash terrorist gangs and with the participation of the band pieces tenth eighth band of the Anbar Operations Command." Participates of the Armored Division tank battalion ninth - voltage engineering and artillery , backed the Army Aviation and Air Force and Air Alliance for theLiberation of the remaining of the land of Anbar. In 
turn, announced that the commander of the Anbar Operations Maj . Gen. Ismail Mahlawi, " The operation was launched from two axes, the first Albuabad area northwest Khalidiya Island, and Axis second Albopale area north of the island, noting that the resistance Daash on the island is limited to the subunits and are addressed and progress towards the objectives set. " The army regained control of the largest city in theAnbar city of Ramadi late last year, but the incident agricultural areas across the Euphrates River north of thecity , a vast agricultural area remained , however jihadists. 
Mahlawi that explained the importance of Khalidiya Island come because it is located on the international highway linking Baghdad to Jordan and Syria through Ramadi. The reopening of this road has important strategic and economic of the country and control of the island means that the Iraqi authorities have imposed its authority on the international road. 
Later, Mahlawi " The security forces managed to free Albu Obaid area in Khalidiya Island, (20 km east ofRamadi) said," stressing that "dozens of members of al - Daash terrorist killing." 
For his part, chairman of the board spend Khalidiya Ali Dawood said in an interview with (long - Presse), " thesecurity forces were able to purge 3 km from Khalidiyah island depth (20 km east of Ramadi), from thecontrol of the organization Daash , "noting that" the battles that have killed 14 elements of the organization and the destruction of four car bombs, three detachments of mortar and rocket launcher. " 
noted David that" security forces killed the military commander of al Daash in Khalidiya island called Abu Hafs al- Libi and four of his aides during the cleanse Bali Albu area in Khalidiya Island, (20 km east of gray). " 
He said local administrator that" forces and security through the wilderness confrontations violent with al Daash in Khalidiya island east of Ramadi areas managed to destroy three vehicles mounted with weapons ofmedium and heavy bombing added to regulation terrorist in Albu Bali region in Khalidiya Island. "

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