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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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Financial Times: Iraqis agree on the face Daash and disagree on the mechanism



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Financial Times: Iraqis agree on the face Daash and disagree on the mechanism

Post by rocky on Sun 03 Jul 2016, 3:24 am

Financial Times: Iraqis agree on the face Daash and disagree on the mechanism

 translation term 

Indicate the restoration of Fallujah, backed by US air force Iraqi forces, one of the most important victories in the war on Daash. The city was the epicenter of the conflict in Iraq since the US - led invasion in 2003. 
This is the third time that such battles taking place, and are unlikely to be the last unless there is a major change in the political dynamics in the country . In the absence of a political court process be a victory less, but signs seem encouraging. Today Daash group of military pressure in the areas controlled by the subject. 
Provides control over Fallujah momentum morally Iraqi army before the next battle in Mosul , which are likely to be more aggressive. The way in which it deals Baghdad with the humanitarian crisis, which emerged on theeve of liberation of the city by government forces, will be crucial to win the trust and support of Sunni civilians , especially as the headquarters Daash in Mosul. 
The government troops to prove their ability to protect the liberated areas without inflaming sectarian tensions. At the height of the battle Prime Minister Haider al - Abadi sought to open safe corridors for thepeople fleeing from Fallujah, but there are reports of horrific abuses committed by some of the armed parties to the right of all year of civilians and others as a fifth column. Now you should protect tens of thousands of civilians so as to ensure they are not subjected to further abuse. 
In the long term, but in order to eliminate extremism at its source, must hold together the components ofIraq well. Currently, the disparate parties - the Kurds, Sunni Arabs and Shiite Arabs and government forces - ajoint military target, as is the case with the international coalition countries, is to eliminate the Daash. But thepolitical objectives are different, and as long as this divided difficult factions to imagine eliminating the threat Daash, as it turns out several times, especially in Fallujah, Indigenous year would be reluctant to support thegovernment 's efforts that were upset them. 
Diminished US influence in this area . After ten years have changed the US policy of rashness and recklessness to complacency, where he was last year , President Obama was right to withhold air support for Baghdad is not replaced causative Prime Minister Nuri al - Maliki for a split. He was succeeded by Haidar al -Abbadi consensual, but stymied by personal interests that hinder his attempts to restructure the police force and to ensure that oil deal with the Kurdistan region and the replacement of corrupt politicians with others of technocrats. 
These reforms - if implemented - to address the damage caused by years of sectarian rule . And focus on fighting Daash military is important but not sufficient.

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