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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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Daash resort to Anbar desert after being expelled from Ramadi and Fallujah



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Daash resort to Anbar desert after being expelled from Ramadi and Fallujah

Post by rocky on Sun 03 Jul 2016, 3:25 am

Daash resort to Anbar desert after being expelled from Ramadi and Fallujah

 BAGHDAD / Talk 

Since I started editing the cities of Anbar province operations in December 2015 thesecurity forces managed in record time to record consecutive victories initiated in theliberation of Ramadi, Hit City and al - Baghdadi and wet and vine , and most recently the city of Fallujah. The 
regions of blather basin north of the city ofFallujah , which extends west to the Khalidiya Island provides multiple ways related to the island of gray and Island Hit down to Mosul and tenderness that provides a safe and easy paths to gangs Daash between Iraq and Syria , away from the possibility ofintervention preoccupied by security forces originally to preserve the security gains within cities. 
Gen. Tariq honey, commander of the crowd tribal in Anbar province, indicates that "cities in Anbar province ,remain in constant threat of what is not freed desert areas stretching from Khalidiyah Island when theJapanese bridge area to the Albu Bali, east of Ramadi , was not liberated until now represent a threat to theareas of Khalidiya and Habbaniyah military base of Habbaniyah in addition to areas Albonmr and rainfed Jassim , right up to the border Syrian - Iraqi from the northwestern city of Ramadi side. " 
confirms honey that" the security forces and the crowd clan continues to repel attacks that threaten thesecurity of the liberated cities, especially in Alborahh and Znkurh areas and areas north of Hit , which is still seen from time to time of attempts to penetrate in order to regain control over the cities gray and white. " 
He adds also that" our troops are fighting on several fronts in Anbar province and is seeking to complete cities , editing and maintenance of the land, and then embark on an extensive operation to liberate the desert areas in cities across Anbar within the plans already prepared to reach a declaration of Anbar province free from gangs of terrorists . " 
Anbar province , comprising one - third of the area of Iraq and the majority of the area is the land desert infested valleys and hills , which range in height (75-800) meters above sea level , a geography provide a safe haven for Daash particularly since the security forces always emphasizes the difficulty of prosecuting armed groups in the desert of Anbar. 
see Barakat al - Issawi, a member of the security committee in the Anbar province, it indicates that " thelocal government demanded on more than one occasion the need for starting editing Anbar desert operations in conjunction with the liberalization of cities to maintain operations , but we and each time come up against arguments no engine which only loss lives and money that made ​​the Anbar province , a hot spot since 2004. "
complements" it seems clear that not dealing seriously dry up the sources of terrorism allows the survival ofterrorist gangs near the cities to pose a continuing threat to the security not maintain alone, but Iraq and theregion 's security in general. " 
He stressed Issawi that " the desert of Anbar has not seen any military operations since 2004 only theoperation , which was launched in late 2013 in the Valley of Horan, which claimed the lives of the finest officers and fighters, including the commander of the seventh division , Major General Mohamed football." 
as local administrator refers to " the need to form a special task force is trained to deal with hideouts ofmilitants in the desert and equipped with weapons and aircraft that are taking into account that those troops are from the people of the province and those who know the desert areas. " 
since 2004 , managed to armed gangs of al - Qaeda and then Daash create its camps in the desert of Anbar , in the valley of Horan and desert wetlands in addition to the regions Upper Euphrates that made ​​theEuphrates River watershed between the modern cities, based, Hit, and the presence of Daash. 
Ibrahim bramble Mayor gray confirmed to (talk) that " the island in the other side of the Euphrates River and along the extension of the eastern gray areas right up to the Heat pose a threat great security and stability of the province due to the presence Daash who was expelled after the success of military operations in theliberation of Ramadi , which still poses a threat to the city and trying from time to time to sneak into some of the villages. " 
He adds Alqaimmqam" the gray and since edited in December 2015 came to more than attack from the north - western regions of Albualla Jassim in Ramadi island targeted villages Rolling and Znkurh and military operations are ongoing to cleanse these villages and repel repeated exposures to the attacks Daash of the desert. " 
bramble indicates that" the constant threat of gangs Daash raises surprised not to develop security plans that eradicates Daash of presence areas which have become known and clear to all and only the liberalization ofcities all and we all know that the liberation of cities does not mean anything in front of the constant threat that makes our security forces in continuing to defend the position , which depletes human and material resources of the local government and the central government ".

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