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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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Karada attack leaves 374 victims .. Abadi and announce public mourning for three days



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Karada attack leaves 374 victims .. Abadi and announce public mourning for three days

Post by rocky on Mon 04 Jul 2016, 3:34 am

Karada attack leaves 374 victims .. Abadi and announce public mourning for three days

 Baghdad / term 

The death toll from the explosion rose Karrada, central Baghdad, 374 people were killed or wounded. In turn , the Prime Minister announced the public mourning for three days.
It was a car bomb exploded on Sunday morning amid the Karrada neighborhood near the densely packed with people purchasing groceries with Eid al - Fitr. The blast destroyed three large commercial complexes most notably the "lion" compound known as well as a wide range of shops. Encircled by flames of dozens of civilians inside theshops, and the rescue teams assisted stranded on the roofs of some complexes and transport the injured and the dead until the late hours of yesterday morning. Announced Daash organization, in a statement, theadoption of the attack , which was carried out by a suicide bomber Iraqi national named "Abu Maha." the attack came a week after restoring forces control the entire city of Fallujah, the stronghold of the organization Daash. This reflects the blast the bloody failure of security measures in the capital Baghdad. Many express doubts in the effectiveness of explosives detection devices, and put barriers around the capital , flour and inspection of identity and vehicle papers. After more than 15 hours on the incident, Prime Minister Haider al -Abadi mourning General announced. It was the people victims faced Abadi, who visited the scene yesterday morning, slogans denouncing asked him to stay away from the place. The prime minister 's motorcade as he was leaving the area stoned by angry citizens. The prime minister, in a statement released by his office, expressed understanding for "Mchaaralanfal and act passed in a moment of grief and anger from some dear sons, that accompanied my visit to the district of Karrada , in order to get first- hand on terrorist crime, investigate and console her sons and shared the sorrows of this painful tragedy that came to rob Iraqis delight in the victories of their children defeat Daash reprehensible in Fallujah. " said Mohammed al - Rubaie, vice chairman of the security committee in the Baghdad Provincial Council, said in an interview to the (long -Presse), said that" the Commission repeatedly stressed that the checkpoints are useless, because themaintenance of security in the capital and other cities not rely on a fixed control, which makes us lose a lot of lives, "adding that" revealed a failed explosive devices , and we do not have real hardware intelligence. " He ruled out al - Rubaie , " enables the Interior Ministry to detect a terrorist cell linked to bombings in Karrada, "surprising of" repeating such talk after every terrorist bombing. " He said provincial council member said , " If the Ministry of Interior is sincere in her words Why do not expose cells that involved blowing up the new and beautiful Oraiba and Baghdad markets , which went the lives of hundreds of innocent people "and felt that" most worthy boarding and other security agencies to prove her words with deeds by detection of theperpetrators of these terrorist crimes before they lose more than 400 victims of a martyr or wounded every massacre. " He said al - Rubaie , said" the outcome of the recent bombing in Karrada it reached 167 martyrs and 180 wounded, which can be increased, because the state of a lot of serious injuries, returned to "the Interior Ministry is not qualified to take over security in Baghdad." even the late hours of the day on Sunday and continued civil defense teams search for missing people in the bombing site . He said Zainab Mustafa's (Farnese Press) "My husband came out eighth time yesterday evening and this was another connection between us, taking the children Mustafa (4 years) and Ali (7 years) to buy holiday clothes." She said, almost collapsing from crying , "We have looked everywhere, my family members looking for them (...) were frustrated and collapse." For his part, one of the elements of civil defense , told the French said that "lists ofvictims that I've seen of entire families, the father and his sons, Mother and her daughters, whole families wiped out in the bombing. " He said as he tried to go down to the basement of the shops there , "We need a few days so that we can recover the bodies of the victims. It is a difficult task." Although the water temperature in the floor down the number of young people who have lost loved ones to search for them is insensitive to the risk of smoke and fire , which is still aflame. Fadel said Salim (21 years) " I left two of my brothers in the shop (...) are now missing." "I think they are still inside the shop there but I can not see anything because of the density of the smoke." In one of the shops that collapsed high ceilings gathered five people with shovels to dig our search for their friends. He says Sami Kazim, a distributor Internet on shops and houses near the lion Complex, "I was accompanied by, I know them all, all my friends, Azadeh Internet service." "After the explosion , there was not only the fire, everything is burning and I could not see Mustafa because the place is torch from the flame. " He said Kadhim, looking with civil defense teams amid the rubble from the remains of his friends, "I can not log in to the house." In the meantime , they found the civil defense elements on the body of the rubble around which those who have lost one, but quickly felt frustrated because it was stock and state to demonstrate features the owner. One said , "can not figure out for those who return the corpse, traits have disappeared to be an examination of DNA." Commented emergency hospital sheet set of names , including victims of books in front of them "anonymous" because of the burning of identity papers and the disappearance of Amaalmanm. And began to relatives of the victims to suspend theblack banners on shops that died owners. He survived many complexes miraculously, said shopkeeper named Sari Mohammed told AFP that "three people hid inside a refrigerator on the first floor, having extinguished thefire, they went out to revive." He added " many roofs have jumped despite the rise, broken feet of one another, and others were bruised. " the US embassy in Iraq and strongly condemned the bombings in theIraqi capital Baghdad and some provinces. he said the US embassy, ​​in a statement received (range Press), acopy of it, that "the US mission in Iraq strongly condemns the recent terrorist attacks carried out by theorganization (Daash) in Baghdad and elsewhere in Iraq , which killed and injured hundreds of innocent civilians , " arguing "these attacks another sign of cowardly ways to organize (Daash) and is not bothered human life. " the US embassy confirmed" the US commitment to support Iraq in its efforts to defeat al (Daash) and edit all parts of Iraq. "

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