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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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Daily Star: charred bodies and beards shaved all the rest of Daash in Fallujah



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Daily Star: charred bodies and beards shaved all the rest of Daash in Fallujah

Post by rocky on Mon 04 Jul 2016, 3:39 am

Daily Star: charred bodies and beards shaved all the rest of Daash in Fallujah

 translation term 

Today looks banner Daash that were fluttering in the skies of Fallujah torn in a deplorable state, and its fighters have been killed or havefled the city , leaving behind buildings destroyed by shelling and empty streets, leaving them only scattered from the alleged succession marks. The 
story of the alleged independence of Fallujah from Baghdad - which praised by some of theyear at the outset that he liberated from biased - the government ended in a mass displacement and destruction will not recover from it , but after a long time. 
city streets deserted except from members of the security forces, some of whom celebrated the victory by firing into the air while others are looking for devices that is the legacy Daash in the city, where police blew up a large cache of explosives in a house in the city center filled the air with smoke and dust and spread debris in the area. 
Colonel Nabil Radi of the Federal police says that the house contained the 5 tons of ammonium nitrate and was poised to explode if tampered with one of explosives. As has been removed most of the banners blacks Daash, either those painted on the walls and columns have been repainted in red. 
Iraqi forces also discovered several prisons Daash Court and at least one in the city, and there is a prison in one of the houses burnt gunmen after he burned it, during their escape, the prisoners of members of thesecurity forces , they are still alive, according to Lt. Hussein Shaker of the rapid reaction of the Interior Ministry forces. 
if there is another prison burned by Iraqi forces has seven iron cages where there is no room even to stand.It is also the remnants Daash marriage document issued by the gunmen, and building reading " theagricultural center of the State of Fallujah." There is also another document says that the songs and thetelevision programs and movies are banned, and the other says that women must cover the entire body from head to foot. The dead bodies are still Daash in Fallujah, some decomposing in the scorching heat in therubble at the site of an airstrike on what it seems, and there are some dead bodies lying in the yard of one of the schools said that while some of the bodies buried under the floor of the school. Some of the gunmen managed to escape from the city, while some of them shaved their beards so that they could escape. 
He says Lieutenant Shaker "We found piles of their beards in one of the houses." Forces also found the small boats made ​​of tin corrugated with an abandoned wooden beams in the same school where the bodies were thrown , and it seems that the purpose of which was to cross the Euphrates River to safety. 
Some areas of Fallujah remained relatively intact except for some of the effects of releases and shrapnel, while the other areas devastated by strikes air or artillery bombardment , and there are a lot of houses and shops burned. 
and captured Daash group on Fallujah in 2014 amid wide anger among a population who feel marginalized and targeted by the Baghdad government, but rather to live a better life suffered parents over two years of rule by Daash that led to the siege, deprivation and fighting , which forced them to flee the city and thus fell into the hands of the same forces that had feared.

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