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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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Army Receives 1300 fleeing Daash south of Mosul family



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Army Receives 1300 fleeing Daash south of Mosul family

Post by rocky on Mon 04 Jul 2016, 3:43 am

Army Receives 1300 fleeing Daash south of Mosul family

 Nineveh / long-Presse 

Embarked military forces, on Sunday, wide operation to liberate the rest of the of the hand Qayyarah south of Mosul villages. 
He was chief of staff of the Iraqi army, and the agency team first corner Othman Ghanimi, it had announced in the (26 June 2016), tostop the liberation of southern Mosul operations , 405 km north of Baghdad, and in attributing the reasons for the suspension to "military accounts", he stressed that the organization (Daash) executed a number of its leaders after losses battles north of Salahuddin. 
a security source in Nineveh province, in an interview with (long - Presse), said that " the pieces military of brigade 71 and 72 of the 15th Division of the Iraqi army, began a military operation to liberate the rest of thevillages of al - Haj Ali of the hand Qayyarah 60 km south of Mosul, from the control of the organization Daash. " 
The source, who requested anonymity, that" the military operations going on to liberate the villages of dignity and Alaosjh within the villages of al - Haj Ali , "he said , adding, that" families stationed in the villages and improvised explosive devices planted by the organization impede the progress of the military forces. " 
in the meantime, he managed to military force in the Iraqi army from evacuating 500 people including women and children from the village, south of Mosul. 
He says a security source in Nineveh province, in an interview with (long - Presse), " the band forces 15 of the Iraqi army was able, yesterday afternoon, the evacuation of more than 500 people including women and children from the village of dignity within the villages of al - Haj Ali of the hand Qayyarah after launching amilitary operation to free the village from the control of the organization (Daash). " 
the source added that" the security forces provided assistance to the families of the fugitive were taken byprivate car to camps for displaced people in the district of drunken, south of Mosul. " 
in a related development, a source in the leadership of editing operations reported Nineveh, the day before yesterday that security forces received more than 1,300 families, fleeing from the areas controlled by theorganization (Daash) south of Mosul. 
the source said, in an interview with (long - Presse), that " the security forces, the Iraqi army, in the village ofHaj Ali, south of the city, received those families, and you move them to the village ruins of melon and then the camps for the displaced to provide humanitarian aid to them. " 
Furthermore, the Peshmerga forces managed to repel to organize Daash attack by five car bombs north of the city of Mosul. 
a source in Nineveh province in an interview with the (long - Presse), " the peshmerga forces repulsed anattack to regulate (Daash), five car bomb driven by suicide bombers, on the axis of Tlsagv, north of Mosul , " pointing out that " the security forces were able to five wheels bombing and killed them before arriving in front of the military barricades pieces. " 
on the other hand, accused the Mayor of Sharqat organization (Daash) blew up his house, the center of thejudiciary, the northern Salahuddin. This comes at a time when the security forces continues to advance currently editing spend Sharqat, from Daash. 
Ali said Dodh, in an interview to the (long - Presse), " The gangs Daash terrorist detonated, this evening, my home in the hill district, Shirqat city center, (120 km north of Tikrit) city, the use of improvised explosive devices. " 
He said local administrator has" I had to leave the judiciary with my family two years ago after it wasoccupied by the terrorists, who then confiscated my house. "

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