Erbil-Iraq Press -5 July: official relations betweenthe Kurdistan Regional Government and theIranian government Acre Abdullah said that theIranian side has apologized for the threats made ​​by the Revolutionary Guards , one of the region 'sleaders and its people.

The deputy commander of Iran 's Revolutionary Guards, Brigadier General Hossein Salami , had threatened on Friday by saying that the Kurdistan Regional Guard forces "will destroy any source ofthreat against Iran anywhere , " and accused officials in the region not to "fulfill their oaths."

She territorial Government, Saturday, strong rejection to the threats made ​​by one of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards commanders of theterritory, saying it always works to strengthen ties with Iran in all areas.

Akre said in a statement to the official website of the Kurdistan Democratic Party, Erna party has apologized for the Kurdistan Regional Government for Brigadier General Salami threats formally, indicating that the Iranian side also stressed that Salami threats do not reflect the position of the government in Tehran.

He explained that the formal apology came during a foreign relations official in the region , Falah Mustafa meeting with Iranian consuls in Erbil and Sulaimanah.anthy (1)