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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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Sunnis object to the participation of the popular crowd Mosul process to prevent the repetition of t



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Sunnis object to the participation of the popular crowd Mosul process to prevent the repetition of t

Post by rocky on Wed Jul 06, 2016 9:14 am

[size=48]Sunnis object to the participation of the popular crowd Mosul process to prevent the repetition of the experience of Fallujah[/size]
0:56:00 07/06/2016| (Voice of Iraq) - Erbil whenever talked about editing the northern city ofMosul process, asked the following question: Will take part in the popular crowd or not?Stands Sunni Arab leaders in Mosul against the viewpoint of theleaders of thepopular crowd forces which can besummarized that they were entitled to participate in thefighting anywhere in Iraq. he explained aspokesman for thefamilies of theprovince ofNineveh forces, Sheikh Muzahim Ahmed Ahoit, it is"against theparticipation of thepopular crowd forces in Mosul process , " and added that "there are about 15 thousand combatants of theyear, they are able with the help of therest of the army forces Iraqi and Peshmerga forces and the coalition forces to liberate their city. " it was not clear after thedate of release ofMosul process, but it is already members of theCouncil of Nineveh province that took the majority ofvotes , a decision that there is no right of popular crowd in Mosul, and thus no need for theparticipation of this force in the process.he Ahoit that "already popular for the crowd to use violence against civilians in theprocesses ofRamadi and Fallujah, the killing of innocent people, and therefore they are afraid of arepeat of the same events in Mosul."during theliberation ofFallujah process alarge body of news and information that the popular crowd was conducted by acollective torture against citizens, and provides to kill them, and this information is left to resonate in theSunni Ocean. and founded the popular crowd forces theadvisory opinion of the Shiite cleric, Ali al - Sistani, as she approached theorganization Daash of Baghdad attacks, the Iraqi government supported theresolution, but now can no longer Iraqi government stop it .in this regard , theresearcher said in the Middle East Research Institute, Dr. Dylan Oodriskyl, " theorganization Daash attacks gave thepopular crowd forces additional value to the Iraqi officials." she Oodriskyl network Roudao media: " the biggest threat to Iraq today, is theparticipation of thepopular crowd in Mosul process, andin case these forces did not participate in the Mosul operation, it will diminish its authority, it is true that Baghdad needs to participate in thefighting, but the Shiite forces through their participation in hostilities impose conditions and actions of the government. " as predicted , aresearcher at theMiddle East Research Institute that" in the event ofpost People crowd in the process, the Sunni civilians in Mosul Saaazaron organize Daash to protect themselves. " She continued:" at the same time, bringing thepopular crowd in order to achieve justice and peace in Mosul is a threat, as there is evidence of reprisals popular for the crowd, which will deepen sectarianism among the people of theregion to confront injustice. " Iraqi officials do not pay little heed to such rumors, and for them is a popular crowd core strength of the Iraqi government in thewar against Daash.One of those officials is thespokesman for thepopular crowd, Karim al - Nuri, which summed uphis view that" those who do not want topost the popular crowd at the battle of Mosul hiding behind political goals. " he insists Nouri as" will participate in theprocess , "and adds that" Daash feared, and therefore their participation isnecessary, and that without theparticipation of thepopular crowd, as happened in Fallujah, the liberalization of therest areas and cities would not be possible. " In response , the Saudi foreign minister 'sremarks, said Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al - Abadi, last week:" disregard for thepopular crowd is todisregard all of Iraq , "but the sticking point is that there isno authority for theIraqi government led by al - Abadi on the crowd popular.for his part, aresearcher at the"Carnegie" center, Renad Mansour, that "Abadi need the popular crowd summed up in his need security and military support, but it can not stand against this force, which reflects theweakness of theauthority of theGovernment ofAbadi." with regard to the popular crowd said Mansour: "popular crowd is an umbrella for all theShiite armed groups, which means that all groups (negative and positive), working under one roof, which is why there is acontradiction between words and deeds of the popular crowd." the Special Representative ofUS President in theinternational coalition, Britt Macgork , that "only 15 to 20 percent of thepopular crowd groups outside Iraqi government control, and the remainder are monitored by the government."However, a military analyst and retired general, Abdul Qadir famous, believes that " theIraqi army in this case can single -handedly complete the process Mosul and the liberation of the city. " in this regard , Abdul Qadir famous, said network Roudao media:" in the event participated by all Iraqi forces in theprocess, it does not need to share thepopular crowd in this case, the army is now Iraq in agood position, especially since thevictory in Fallujah lifted of spirits, so they can lead this process. " as theIraqi government insists on theparticipation of thepopular crowd in the process, and this is what brought thespokesman for thefamilies ofNineveh, Sheikh Muzahim Ahoit forces, convinced that he" must be looking at things more realistically, and it must find agreement political between Erbil and Baghdad, and if the scheduled participation ofShiite militias in thebattle, it must be with the approval ofBaghdad and the Kurdistan Regional Government, the Council of Nineveh province and thecrowd clan. " Add comment


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