Arbil / News Network Iraq denied the Kurdistan Democratic Party, led by President of Kurdistan ,Massoud Abrzana accusations Kurdish movement change its exercise "political terrorism" against political parties in Orbel.oukal chairman of the party bloc in parliament Khosro Goran in a press statement today: "There is no political terrorism in Arbil , and the political situation since 2003 , astable and dominated by law and the judiciary , and there have been several elections in theKurdistan region . "He added," if there are such practices , what was the MDC to reach power inthe presidency of the Kurdistan parliament and in the cabinet reshuffle , "denying" the existence ofarrests without issued the orders of the judiciary . "he explained Curran said" freedom party in theprovince and there may be measures to accept for him this or that party, but any member of any party , was he breaking the law . Without doubt , I will be arrested and I did not hear the arrest ofmembers of the movement of change these days , ".ccant the MDC accused last Thursday of theKurdistan Democratic party, led by President of Kurdistan , to exercise what it called "political terrorism" in [his stronghold] in Orbel.odat MP for change Serwa Abdul Wahid said in astatement: " the federal government and the House of Representatives and all foreign embassies in Baghdad and organizations civil society pressure on the Kurdistan Democratic party to stop thepolitical terrorism perpetrated against the rivals of the Kurdish parties in Arbil and to stop kidnapping campaigns and arrests are illegal for members of the bipartisan group Islamic movement for change . "She added," this party [Kurdistan Democratic party] has arrested anumber of members of both parties charges undeclared and without any legal justification, not only for belonging to parties opposed to the Kurdistan Democratic practices to monopolize wealth and power and ill - used by him " . She said Abdel Wahed , " a few days ago for anything arrested strength , a member of Jemaah Islamiyah and was then one of the cadres of the movement forchange in the resort of Salah arrest religion, and police Arbil refuse to accept any judicial complaint against those carrying out these acts , " is noteworthy that the court of inquiry Arbil issued on 16 June last an arrest warrant for General Coordinator of the movement for change, Nawshirwan Mustafa, for not appearing before the court in a case against him on" threatening to foreign consulates and staff of oil companies operating in the Kurdistan region of murder and kidnapping ,"It is said that the political crisis in the Kurdistan region worsened since October last after thedeparture of popular demonstrations in Sulaimaniyah province, has developed into a business and clashes violence with security forces, the delay in salary payments and the continuation of crisis presidency of the province, which resulted in casualties and injuries, as demonstrators attacked angry at the headquarters of several parties, including returning the Kurdistan Democratic Party, in Sulaimanah.otvaqmt crisis after he objected to the authorities in Erbil on 12 of the month in October last president of the Kurdistan parliament , Yusuf Mohamed procession [ belonging to themovement for change and prevent entry into Arbil, while isolating president of the Kurdistan Regional Government , Nechirvan Barzani, on the same day, four ministers of the movement forchange, also told, the rest of the parties and Kurdish parties to participate in the Government andthe Parliament of the region should be cooperation to elect a new president Berlman.ahar that Patriotic Union of Kurdistan and the movement for change has concluded , on 17 may last, composed of 25 articles for a political agreement , " the unification of the Kurdish ranks and confront the crises facing the Kurdistan region , " .otns Article 13 of the Convention issues concerning relations between the KRG and the federal government that " the parties agree the need to provide adequate solutions to the problems between the province and the federal government through dialogue , solutions, and on the basis of national and national interests ".ohajm theKurdistan Democratic party, the agreement expected as" will expand its internal differences and this does not serve to solve problems , and rigidity of the differences in the region, but will lead us tothe previous situation , which We do not want them . "he stressed the statement of the party, that he" will not accept any other will, and past experience has shown that the provincial administration without the Kurdistan Democratic Party, nothing is impossible, as he will not be allowed in any wayto any attempt to sabotage the administrative, political and security stability. "