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Abdul-Wahab al-Saadi: the battle of Fallujah, an Iraqi and a pure battle of Mosul will be on the par



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Abdul-Wahab al-Saadi: the battle of Fallujah, an Iraqi and a pure battle of Mosul will be on the par

Post by rocky on Thu 07 Jul 2016, 3:51 am

Abdul-Wahab al-Saadi: the battle of Fallujah, an Iraqi and a pure battle of Mosul will be on the parties

Mustafa Saadoun / .. on the outskirts of the city of Fallujah Hilal West of Baghdad, Fallujah stands commander editing operations Lt. Gen. Abdul-Wahab al-Saadi among a group of anti-terrorism fighters smiling. Tell them about the city that has been said that no one can access it. Soldiers laughing loudly and telling them how to break into the city was a difficult process. Exchanging conversations with them, and agree with them on some of them, and different in others. Joking with everyone and taking photos with them. When the battle to liberate Fallujah began, spread on social networking sites Pictures (Sylvie) several Iraqi fighters in the Iraqi army, police and federal counterterrorism with Abdul-Wahab al-Saadi, and all of it was shown in the picture was smiling.
Saadi seem today, it is in a positive mode with his soldiers. I patted their shoulders and praises with their efforts in the battle to liberate Fallujah, and tell them about the importance to be fully prepared for the battle to liberate Mosul in the coming days. Saadi told a group of his fighters, which is on the outskirts of Fallujah: "Iraq is more important than all the Titles, and your role in the fight against terrorism must be its name, Fmsaolatkm and our collective responsibility towards this country great, that you should get rid of terrorism."
Saadi led the top three Iraqi battles have taken place in the last two years: edit Tikrit, fighting in the years 2015 - 2014, the battle to liberate the Baiji refinery to organize "Daash", the last battle of Fallujah is the editing, which ended a few days ago. The al-Saadi, in addition to his post as head of liberation of Fallujah, he is also vice chairman of the Iraqi anti-terrorism device.
With the end of editing Fallujah, al-Saadi was taken from Camp Tariq and the headquarters of the First Division of the Iraqi army on the outskirts of Fallujah, the headquarters temporarily to him, the correspondent "the Monitor" US met Saadi at a camp on the outskirts of the city of Fallujah and held him this dialogue, return (Independent) published also appeared on the site.
The Monitor: Is it really was a purely Iraqi Fallujah process?
Saadi: The battle to liberate Fallujah was a real battle waged by the Iraqi security forces and support troops to her, after which nestled terrorism for many years, but the real hard work and effort to get rid of terrorism enabled the heroine of the Iraqi security forces surround Fallujah, storming through the days. There was assigning air across the flight of the international coalition and the flight of the Iraqi army, but the battle on the ground was an Iraqi purist, where only the Iraqis did not participate, and there also were no US advice or Iran in regards to the battle on the ground, I did not meet any personal non-Iraqi in the battle .
The Monitor: What was the role of the Americans and Iranians advisers in the liberation of Fallujah?
Saadi: The liberation of the city of Fallujah plan by Iraqi military leaders, and carried out in excellent shape and produced from the liberalization of the city was thought to organize "Daash" the impossibility of the arrival of Iraqi military units to its borders and entry, but we were surprised this terrorist organization, and we got to Fallujah and liberated Iraq plan purely. If not counselors Americans nor the Iranians any role in the process of developing a plan edit Fallujah, Vallman took part in the storming operation, editing, namely: the Iraqi joint forces and a counter-terrorism.
The Monitor: How has the formations supporting Iraqi security forces on the work of the official forces in the battle of Fallujah?
Saadi: the nature of the case, counter-terrorism is the most experienced and knowledgeable and trained to fight the battles in cities, the rest of military units that existed in the liberation of Fallujah, the process does not have that experience, according to the tasks entrusted to it is. There is positive, we found regiments Ramadi police emergency have gained experience of the battles fought by us in the districts of Ramadi and Hit in Anbar province, and these cohorts frankly have better than some segments of the Iraqi army in the battles in the cities experience. It is very necessary that there should be training for all Iraqi security forces to fight the battles in the cities and the acquisition of combat skills in this type of fighting.
The Monitor: What is the role of the international coalition in the fight?
Saadi: certainly played Airways International Coalition positive role in the battle, and was coordination between him and the Iraqi security forces in the form of high, as aircraft bombed sites organize "Daash" lasted 24 hours straight. As the response by the airline Iraqi security pieces very fast speed.
The Monitor: What is the truth about abuses against civilians by forces of the crowd? What are the actions taken by the military to face it that?
Saadi: wars and battles using the weapons used in the violence as normal, though civilians unfortunately sometimes they are the people affected by the fighting, and this means that there are no clean battle a hundred percent, but I am on a personal level I have not seen any action rise to the level of violations of the rights of rights against civilians, but we regret that the media tends to highlight the detailed things and leave the issue of the big battle against large terrorist force flowed the blood of the martyrs of Iraqi fighters.
The Monitor: Who will take over the security of the liberated areas tasks? It will remain in the hands of coming from outside the city, Iraqi forces or entrusted the matter to the local forces of the tribes and others?
Saadi: cities liberated from terrorism require high-level security plans for the Earth catch them, and we are in a terrorism is not our job constipation ground, but I think that the local forces in each city will be kept in the ground, and there may be help by the federal police forces. As for Fallujah in particular, I think that the Earth constipation which tasks will be cuts in western Baghdad, the Baghdad Operations Command tasks, in addition to the federal police.
The Monitor: How was the battle to liberate Fallujah difficult or easy?
Saadi: Battle like the battle of Fallujah certainly not be easy, for it is a city dominated by terrorism in the entire form of two years ago. In previous years, existed elements of the organization in great shape them, and planned and trained there, and prepared everything for this fight, especially digging trenches and tunnels and mine the land, government buildings, etc., but this battle was the chapter for the organization "Daash", which formed him this defeat great refraction, which is a sign of resolving the battle of Mosul for Iraq and the Iraqis. In Fallujah, the fighting was going on throughout the day. However, we stayed careful to civilians should not be part of the battle there and do not even get any of them harm. The impact of this delay in the success and the reason for difficulties in our tasks because the organization "Daash" used civilians as human shields in Fallujah. Civilians who you communicate with them from inside Fallujah, they were telling me you can not have access to Fallujah, because the organization "Daash" It was a very strong preparations, reaching the limits of the city of Fallujah, people from within Abulgonna that we will not be able to enter, but we managed to eventually edit a full city . Everyone was surprised to enter the Iraqi security forces for such a city it is the second essential stronghold for the organization "Daash" After Mosul. The days were the most difficult days encircling Fallujah and the storm, so that was the period between May 30 and June 10 / May of 2016. As was the hardest days of fighting, as a counter-terrorism only killed nearly Al750 people from the elements of the organization "Daash."
The Monitor: Are you still in Anbar elements of "Daash"? Is it true that large numbers as news Ortalem bombing in Amiriyah Fallujah appeared?
Saadi: Hundreds tried to leave the wheels toward Karbala and Anbar desert, but the Iraqi Army Aviation was able to shelling and burning, these are the remains of "Daash" in Khalidiya Island, and I think they are finished or remained low numbers will be eliminated soon.
The Monitor: What are your expectations of the Battle of Mosul? Is it different from the battles of Tikrit and Fallujah? It will take part in it?
Saadi: the battles that are taking place in the south and Mosul in Sharqat Qayyarah positive results. So, the battle of Mosul, a special status, a large Preparing civilians, and we hope to kill all the terrorists once, not for our fear and our concern for the lives of civilians in the city. I think that the battle of Fallujah painted forces that will participate in the battle to liberate Mosul map, all the powers of the Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces, and we are in the fight against terrorism a fully prepared and fully to fight the battle and achieve victory and an end to the existence of "Daash" in the city.
The Monitor: Are political differences and political statements in relation to the battles affect your work?
Saadi: policy and its people is their own business. In military matters, I did not allow and will not allow any politician to interfere in our work, and will not care about the differences between the politicians, because our job cleaning Iraq of terrorism and terrorists, do not interfere in other's affairs.
The Monitor: You will be the commander of the operations edit Mosul?
Saadi: to be the leader of the processes of liberalization largest cities controlled by the organization "Daash", then this is a good thing, so I hope to be the commander of the operations edit Mosul, and the security that made shall be a wonderful thing, but the decision remains the Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces Haider al-Abadi.

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