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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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The risk of a new split in Kurdistan: Sulaymaniyah moving toward Baghdad and Erbil manages her back



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The risk of a new split in Kurdistan: Sulaymaniyah moving toward Baghdad and Erbil manages her back

Post by rocky on Fri 08 Jul 2016, 5:43 am

[size=48]The risk of a new split in Kurdistan: Sulaymaniyah moving toward Baghdad and Erbil manages her back[/size]
2:18:27 8.7.2016 |(Voice of Iraq) - dominated Hassan has been a major political rift between thegovernorates of Erbil and Sulaymaniyah hashappened since toprevent the Kurdistan Democratic Party ,President of theKurdistan Parliament and the primeminister of the MDC to return to Irbil in themonth of October (October) 2015, TheDemocratic Party influential in Arbil as hear the word change movement in Sulaimaniya and thus became the two provinces Almentmetin to one government and different perceptions in dealing with Baghdad. Kurdistan Democratic party officially announced that he was left believes the Iraqi central government and sees the opportunity for a referendum, independence andopportunity in theview of the MDC and the Patriotic Union ofKurdistan there is achance, but they believe that theDemocratic party has spent on the basis and therefore considered that the time was not ripe for the secession of the region from Iraq. there Tugean in the province ofKurdistan , one ofthem wants to keep Irbil from Baghdad and calls for independence , an approach advocated by the Democratic party and its allies, and the other trend which is represented by the National Union movement change and their allies to stand alongside solve problems with Baghdad and thereform of the political situation of theprovince. he said Ali Awni leading member of the Kurdistan Democratic party to be to return to Baghdad under thepretext of the existence of thefinancial crisis , " abetrayal of theKurdish people" and said the "discussion": that "there is a great opportunity for independence it can not be for theKurdistan region to return back to Iraq does not exist on theground , not tomention the delivery of the province or city Ksulaimanah to Baghdad. " " there arepolitical parties in theregion want to re -Sulaymaniyah to thecontrol of a dictator ,another Baghdad, I'm sure that the people ofSulaymaniyah will not accept from these parties fragmentation of the region. "Democratic party made ​​up his mind not to return the region to Baghdad, but thedifficulty of thefinancial crisis and lack of transparency in oil imports pushed the MDC and thePatriotic Union to think of another way to solve the economic situation. Although the Democratic party wants to show himself as a leader of theMovement ofKurdistan 'sindependence , but the opponents of something they see that what theDemocratic party is doing only to hide theinternal problems and occupancy of thepeople, otherwise the party still retains Bmansbi Deputy Prime Minister andFinance positions ofother sensitive and Minister in Baghdad.there are cushions opinion among some citizens in Sulaimaniya , a belief that Erbil It was converted to a center of power and stationed them all sensitive institutions and deprived ofSulaimaniya of services so that theGovernment of theTerritory for which the Democratic party first power where you want the bankruptcy of Sulaymaniyah.Without this belief confined to ordinary citizens , but that thepower holders also have the explanation itself so prefer to deal Sulaymaniyah with Baghdad directly to secure the budget. at the end of May (last May) Sulaimaniyah provincial council demanded theprovincial government to apply the law No. (3) for theyear 2009 issued by the Kurdistan parliament and work -related decentralized system , but theMinister of theTerritory Council rejected theapplication in theatheist th of June .Democratic party led by Massoud Barzani ,and sees that he has to be that the Kurdish parties to be united in dealing with Baghdad, despite the support of the other parties to this trend ,but it considered that the unit does not mean being dragged behind the wishes of the Democratic party.he was Nushirwan Mustafa , General Coordinator of themovement for change , which signed anagreement in common with the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK ) and thepowerful in theprovinces ofSulaimaniyah and Halabja and Kirkuk ,said in a speech to members of his party on the fifteenth of June (last June) broadcast through media channels , " theDemocratic party has taken the decision in the Kurdistan region alone , and are individually and there remained no partnership existed in what is called theFoundation political decision - making has decided to unilaterally pull out of Baghdad. "According toinformation obtained by the " talk "of themovement for change , said the group and the Patriotic Union decided to reconsider the sources of income within the limits of the provinces ofSulaimaniyah and Halabja and management Ckramaan to find financial resources to these areas and thereform of the living situation of citizens .information also suggests that the joint leadership of the MDC and thePatriotic Union confirmed during ameeting on thefourteenth of June (last June) that thetwo sides will make everything in their power to solve theproblems with theDemocratic party ,and if the Democratic party continued to positions this time will be trying to reach some sort of agreement with Baghdad or repair theeconomic situation by the region 's imports.These Altugean in dealing with Baghdad , creating the risk of asplit region and drag both sides influential their control zones in the direction. the senior politician in theKurdistan Mahmoud Othman province ,who spent long years in politics in Iraq said the "discussion": that "for is disgraceful and improper that there is a party in Arbil , he went about the issues and another party in Sulaymaniyah him went another, not entitled to thecontinuation of this division and this divergence." Osman believes he can not each party that relates to his part Baghdad ,but because we have to meet the parties together and make afinal decision about returning to Baghdad or secede. According to information obtained by the"debate" that one of the ways in which I thought the MDC and the National Union is to bring their authority areas of Baghdad in order toresolve the financial situation and thus send Baghdad Sulaymaniyah budget In contrast , lead Sulaymaniyah constitutional and legal obligations to the central government as mayor of an Iraqi. he declined Shoresh Haji , spokesman for themovement for change All speculation that talk about fragmentation of theregion, stressing that his party Egypt on his previous positions and wants to solve problems with Baghdad through dialogue and understanding. he said Haji for "talk": "it must be solved theproblems of theregion with Baghdad transnational institutions in theprovince and not partisan delegations."the joint delegation of the MDC and thePatriotic Union visited the twenty -fifth of June last Iraqi parties and thedelegation stressed again during his meetings with Haider al - Abadi and Nuri al - Maliki and Ammar al - Hakim and Osama al - Nujaifi and Iyad Allawi , the need tosolve the problems between the province and Baghdad as Prime Minister Abadi pledged during hismeeting with thedelegation sent theregion 's share of thebudget , provided that delivers the province 's oil to Baghdad ,according to Kawa Mohamed MP said the mass change in the House ofRepresentatives.within the deal ,which conducted Sulaymaniyah with Baghdad visited Aso Feridun governor ofSulaymaniyah Baghdad twice in thepast four months and met more than once with the al - Abadi ,the last one on thenineteenth of June (last June), while thegovernor of Erbil and Dohuk Baghdad hasnot visited yet.However, all these visits and statements suggest arapprochement between Sulaymaniyah and Baghdad , clearly, inparticular and the two sides are considered friends of Iran , but officials in the ruling parties in Sulaimaniya refuse to deal with Baghdad alone. a cute Sheikh Omar leading member of the Patriotic Union ofKurdistan ( PUK ) for "debate": We and themovement for change "working during a national project to resolve differences between the province and Baghdad through dialogue , and there isno plan to discuss it outside the unit Kurdish grade. "Sheikh Omar stressed that the right ofSulaimaniyah province like any other Iraqi province to demand their rights of Baghdad and the central government tosecure Sulaymaniyah kits and all other Iraqi cities . Mahmoud Othman said and explained what isobserved is that theArbil deal with Baghdad , the type and treated Sulaymaniyah with another type, considering that order too bad he felt restore the region to the two administrations an experience that experienced by thecitizens in theKurdistan region during the mid -nineties to 2005 anddo not want the traffic out again. Add comment

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