Erbil / Iraq News Network expressed the Kurdistan Democratic Party, led by President ofKurdistan , Massoud Barzani , hope constantly relations "strategy" with the Patriotic Union ofKurdistan ( PUK ) led by Jalal Talibana.oukal parliamentary bloc of the party in the Iraqi parliament chairman Khosro Goran in a press statement today: " The KDP and PUK are two of theoldest political parties in the Kurdistan region and Nadila together against the dictatorial regime Alsadami in 1991 and formed a government together and we had an ongoing strategic agreement tothis day . "he added Curran" we hope that the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan ( PUK ) have more than Kurdistan Democratic party soon and continue past its approach pursued by Jalal Talabani ."He continued , " As for the return of the MDC [Curran] to the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK ) , the movement was part of the National Union and emerged from it and now I came back and we hope that our positive continue with the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan , "it is said that thePatriotic Union of Kurdistan and the MDC had concluded on 17 may last, composed of 25 articles for a political agreement , " the unification of the Kurdish ranks and confront the crises facing theKurdistan region , " .otns Article 13 of the Convention issues concerning relations between theKRG and the federal government that " the two parties agree on the need to find appropriate solutions to the problems between the province and the federal government through dialogue and on the basis of national and national interests ".ohajm the Kurdistan Democratic party, theagreement expected as" will expand its internal differences and this does not serve to solve problems , and rigidity of the differences in the region, but will lead us to the previous situation ,which we do not want them "he stressed the statement of the party, that he" will not accept any other will, and past experience has shown that the administration of the province without theKurdistan Democratic Party, nothing is impossible, as he will not be allowed in any way to any attempt to sabotage the administrative, political and security stability . "he called the leaders of thePatriotic Union Kurdistan, all the political parties in the Kurdistan region, to find a way to end thepolitical disputes in the Alakulaim.otmany Barham Salih , the second Deputy Secretary-General ofthe Federation on the occasion of Eid al - Fitr, of all political parties to make efforts to end theAlkhalaqat, and to address the current crisis, stressing that he "should be political parties are thelevel of sacrifices offered by the peshmerga to defend the land of Kurdistan . " for his part , warned Qubad Talabani [son of Jalal Talabani , vice president of the regional government in a news release from the seriousness of the political situation , saying that " the political process and the economic crisis in the region is very worrying , "blaming the political responsibility solving the problems that affect the lives of citizens. "