BAGHDAD / News Network Iraq , British Defence Secretary Michael Fallon said today, that theBritish air force played an important role in the liberation of the city of Fallujah in Anbar provincethe process of organizing Fallon said in a statement today: for "the British fighter planesto launch more than 120 air raid above Fallujah wounded during which over missiles [Storm Shadow] was used for the first time several targets , including workshops , weapons and tunnels and bunkers as well as sniper positions and artillery "he pointed out that" since 2014 , the airline British implementation of the 2800 mission , during which 865 carried out an air strike in Iraq and 50 strike Other inside Syria since December Almadi.ozkr British minister said his country "has nottaken any military air operations of this size in one place for nearly 25 years , " he said . "Britain 'scontinued support of the international coalition efforts against Daash] either through strikes air minute or surveillance, intelligence and reconnaissance missions ".ccant the Iraqi government announced on 26 June last edit another area under the control of Daash in the city of Fallujah ,which fell under the grip of the organization in 2014.