Arbil / News Network Iraq blamed the Kurdistan Democratic Party, led by Kurdistan regional president Massoud Barzani security breaches in the capital Baghdad and the most recent terrorist bombing in the Karrada district to security plans "ill - considered . " He said head of theparliamentary bloc of the party in the Iraqi parliament Khosro Goran in a press statement today: "the security plan is well thought out and inaccurate and unfortunate that the work of the security services should review its work and activating the system intelligence . " He pointed out that "everything is linked to the security situation , which is linked to the political situation as well as linked to the economic situation , " .ccant truck bomb has exploded in the Karrada district central Baghdad at dawn last Sunday resulted in a different outcome for the victims, most of them young people , according to the Ministry of Health to the death of 292 people and 200 Jrih.uaazelt Baghdad operations command , a number of senior security chiefs in the Karrada against thebackdrop of the bombing and bring them to investigate what the government announced mourning year for three days. the Minister of Interior Mohammad Al Ghabban his resignation from office inthe wake of the incident and accepted by Prime Minister Haider al - Abadi.