BAGHDAD / News Network Iraq considered MP Alia Nassif reform front on Sunday, not Iraqi President Fuad Masum ratify the Code of Criminal Procedure is a "betrayal" because it caused to retain a lot of the terrorists and open the way for a new trial, asserting that the reform front , " the protesters Representatives "will set priorities for the dismissal of the three presidencies and proceed with its project of reform, Nassif said in a press statement today: the reform front will have a meeting on Sunday to set priorities for the dismissal of the three presidencies, indicating that the first dismissal will be working on the front is the dismissal of the President of the House of Representatives .oohart that the dismissal of all chairman of the three presidencies his works differently and parliament Speaker possible dismissal in accordance with Article 49 of the Constitution and the reasons for dismissal are available, pointing out that the dismissal of Salim al-Jubouri are questioning there are many reasons for questioning She added that the dismissal of Masum be treason, "and we have the evidence." Pointing out that the failure of the infallible ratify the amendment of Criminal Procedure Law is a betrayal because it kept a lot of the terrorists and open the way for the re-trial, and added that the reform front in front of her major work in the coming days, in addition to the reform project, which will be presented in the coming days on public opinion in line with the political blocs and leaders of the coalition forces expressed their willingness to join the front.