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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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Time magazine: 2000 suicide bombing in Iraq since 2003



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Time magazine: 2000 suicide bombing in Iraq since 2003

Post by rocky on Mon 11 Jul 2016, 3:08 am

Time magazine: 2000 suicide bombing in Iraq since 2003

 BAGHDAD / long-Presse 

US magazine revealed subjected Iraq to more than 2000 suicide of the 2003 attack and 2015 claimed the lives of 21 thousand and 487 people dead , at least, noting that thebombing , which witnessed the Karrada district, is the "worst solitary assault" since US troops entered Iraq. 
The reasons attributed to the weakness of thesecurity forces as a result of political and sectarian disputes, confirmed that Prime Minister Haider al - Abadi "no position" position to coordinate and take over security and intelligence agencies tasks in Baghdad and other provinces. 
the Time magazine (TIME US), in a report , and I followed ( the long - Presse), the "Iraq subjected to more than two thousand suicide attack between 2003 and 2015 claimed the lives of 21 thousand and 487 people dead , at least , " asserting that " the suicide bombing in the Karrada district, is among the worst unilateral attacks on civilians in the country since suffering a US invasion in 2003". 
time magazine added that " the bombing of Karrada, reveals a continuous nightmare experienced by Iraq at atime when trying to address the political divisions and the reform of state institutions with a broad threats to its security , " noting that "part of the challenge faced by the Iraqi authorities now is the adoption of theorganization Daash on suicide bombers in the attacks , which are often by cars and trucks, a tactic that leads to inflict the greatest number of victims with the difficulty of stopping it moves, since Iraq has suffered many such attacks since 2003 until now. " 
quoted months an American magazine about statistics conducted by the University of Chicago revealed Iraq suffered for two thousand and 27 suicide bombings during the period from 2003 to the end of last year ,2015. They pointed out that the "attacks caused the deaths of 21 thousand and 487 people were at the veryleast." 
the analysts say, according to the magazine, that "stop suicide attacks in Baghdad requires locating cells sleeping to regulate Daash doubtful be standing behind these operations and the arrest of its members ", stressing that" it will not be easy with a weak security institution influenced by political and sectarian Baltjazbat experienced by the country. " 
quoted Time for political analyst Renad Mansour, a fellow Carnegie Center for Middle East Studies, as saying that " the problem in Iraq is more political than security , " noting that " the Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al -Abadi, not a position that can coordinate and take over security and intelligence agencies are all in Baghdad and other parts of Iraq duties." 
saw the Karrada area inside, the center of Baghdad, in the per hour of dawn on Sunday, (third from thecurrent July 2016), a suicide car bomb driven by a suicide bomber, claimed the lives of nearly 300 dead and hundreds wounded.


Posts : 52659
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Join date : 2012-12-21

New York Times: the bombing of Karrada, the worst among the global terrorist acts during Ramadan

Post by rocky on Mon 11 Jul 2016, 3:10 am

New York Times: the bombing of Karrada, the worst among the global terrorist acts during Ramadan

 translation term 

Iraqis came out broken - hearted on Sunday night , holding candles in the bombing ofKarrada, which killed and wounded nearly 300 people , location, and it was rescuers werestill pulling bodies of the martyrs of the rubble using Anakalh.ouma their lights on Monday morning, and while the bodies of some victims still buried, hebegan some express their grief, carrying banners demanding the names of the martyrs and the resignation ofofficials , including Prime Minister Haider al - Abadi. 
the bombing was the deadliest in years and the worst of the global terrorist acts that have taken place in recent days. It seems that the explosion was not linked to any political purpose, it was aimed to kill without distinction of religion or identity, age or profession, it included people of all classes of people and all thevictims were Iraqis. Abadi and tried desperately to respond to the grief and anger and calm popular Iraqis desire for revenge, through his promise to speed up the execution of convicted militants Daash. Later the same day the Justice Department announced the execution of five death row and offered the official television pictures of the execution. He 
also announced a range of new security measures notably stop the use of explosives detection devices by thearmy and police, which was decided a long time ago fake it , but that this procedure does not apply. 
However , analysts say that the bombings represent a political challenge, where it says Maria Vantapi analyst at the international crisis Group , "this kind of violence could destroy the legitimacy of any leader." 
analysts say that with confidence in the ability Abadi to unify Iraq and protect its citizens vibration it is likely to face more calls to overthrow him, and analysts rule out the return of protesters to the streets who had already stormed into the green zone twice. 
She says Vantapi "I think it would be a bad summer." Since the period of struggling Abadi to secure his power generally oppose the other leaders of the Shiites, including former Prime Minister Nuri al- Maliki , who was removed in 2014 because he follows sectarian policies led to the resentment of the year and led to theemergence of Daash Washington 's belief. 
Since that time , and Maliki seeks to undermine al - Abadi, where he said the an interview with the BBC, before the bombing shortly, he would be happy to become prime minister again if you do not need much of the country. For his part , the promise of quitting, chairman of the parliamentary security and defense, an investigation into the bombings and called for the dismissal of those responsible for protecting Baghdad. Iraqis turned Monday to social media to lament missing, where participated Photos sweethearts, friends and stories about them. There was a lot of children and young people among the victims, including Ahmad Zia - a father -of - two - who was working for the development of agriculture in Iraq and had already written two papers on how to improve crop production. Call friends and family do for hours before he is pulled his body out of the rubble. 
With the beginning of the month of Ramadan, he told the advocates Daash their followers that it is very appropriate to kill people time, where one of these preachers said that the extremists "to make Ramadan, God willing, the month of pain for the unbelievers in everywhere, "also distributed extremist another brochure on how to use the poison , saying accented English broken" Do not forget that Ramadan recently, he was themonth of victories. " 
it was Ramadan this month bloody, where terrorist attacks have killed and wounded hundreds of people in Orlando, and Istanbul, Bangladesh and Baghdad. 
for the majority of Muslims in the world, violence is totally incompatible with the holy month of Ramadan, inaddition to fasting , it is time for self - examination and renewal of spirituality and worship and regular exchanges of visits between friends and relatives. 
However , said the attacks were not implemented all in Ramadan was the month saw a large number of attacks; it has a gunman opened fire at a nightclub in Orlando, killing 49 people, and a suicide attack on an army outpost in Jordan, killing seven soldiers, and the next day there have been attacks in the Ataturk Airport in Istanbul killed at least 41 people, and broke into the gunman Friday restaurant in the neighborhood diplomat in Dhaka and allowed some Muslims to leave but he killed at least 22 , most of them foreigners. 
announced Daash claimed responsibility for many of the attacks in which most victims are Muslims, which belies claims Daash as a defender of Islam. 
he says Hadi al - Jumaili, a shop owner injured shrapnel in an attack in Baghdad , "we were happy and we prepare breakfast for the last days of fasting and celebration, but our happiness stained with blood."

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