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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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Nuclear expert confirms the use of "napalm" or its derivatives in the Karrada bombing



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Nuclear expert confirms the use of "napalm" or its derivatives in the Karrada bombing

Post by rocky on Mon 11 Jul 2016, 3:13 am

Nuclear expert confirms the use of "napalm" or its derivatives in the Karrada bombing

 translation Mady 

Iraq suffered last Saturday, one of the most devastating attacks even now, when you hit Daash crowded Karrada district group incentral Baghdad that killed at least 149 people and injuring many. This 
suggests the attack that Daash - despite their decline and lax control over the regions - still retain the ability to commit massacres and beating heart of the country, which means that the Daash will not end soon. 
it comes to failure and congestive parties facing Daash than to the capabilities and resources of these extremist group that thrive when the opponents are weak and not well equipped. 
Iraq where checkpoints substandard , and terms of reference for security overlapping, and the capabilities ofintelligence is weak despite international support and billions of dollars spent, as it lacks the active Army ,where he still relies on non - governmental parties. 
there is no solution between overnight to these problems, and may even take years. For example, the divisions and sectarian strife to undermine the government 's legitimacy and its ability to provide services and security, it also raises fears of change Daash brand of Sunni insurgency. Most of the blame for the current problems in Iraq can be located on the United States and the United Kingdom 's policies after the invasion of2003. 
Even without an active conventional army, Iraq could have prevented many terrorist attacks if he had thecorrect information collection capabilities. As retired Gen. Jack Keane said - the momentum of forces in Iraq , an engineer , "we had all the intelligence capabilities there, we knew the whereabouts of enemy forces through surveillance aircraft and we hunt them, and the information is pouring on us in addition to eavesdrop on telephone conversations. We have been using the US counterterrorism forces to beat them and we pass on the information to the Iraqis so that they can beat them too. " 
after the killing of hundreds of car Daash bombs , and after the last bombing that killed at least 157 people in the Karrada district of central Baghdad, Prime Minister Haider al - Abadi ordered to withdraw detect phantom explosive checkpoints devices and conduct a new investigation into the corruption of the deal struck with theBritish James McCormick vendor device which he was sentenced to ten years in Britain, which has cost Iraq more than $ 53 million, but the cost of the lives of Iraqis countless, killing bombings and mutilated at least four thousand people since 2007. the withdrawal of devices after years of insistence and Interior Ministry officials - who bought them at exorbitant prices - as an actor - in sensor components of explosive material odors. And near the blast in Karrada site, Iraqis take the fun of the decision to withdraw the devices , which came after years of complaints from citizens and the warnings of the British government and the US military that these devices do not have any value. 
Kazim said Sayed, who was standing near the burnt mall residue, "he should that is pulled for a long time, no one believes in efficiency, corruption is the biggest threat we face. " 
says Hamza, an officer in the federal police , who welcomed the decision to pull the devices , despite thedelay," it 's a fake devices, they were laughing at us when they told us to use them. " 
in a statement his prime minister said "all security agencies keep manual detectors for checkpoints and the Interior Ministry and the reopening of the investigation the corruption of the contracts , which which was purchased these devices and the prosecution of all entities involved in those contracts." 
slowed some security officials comply with the order of Prime Minister, in on Monday they were still holding these devices at the entrances of the capital and on the roads leading to the airport and the north. 
hesitate to acknowledge not to the benefit of the hardware stationed in not having to remove the explosives from the cities alternatives. A senior official in the Interior Ministry, says "Sometimes it is better to pretend, Saying no useful means we do not have something better ones, and citizens need to kind of peace of mind." 
However, those who are standing near the rubble of the bombing did not feel comfortable. There was no hole in the place of the explosion , and damage to buildings caused mostly fire that forensic officials said it was unusual for a bomb of this size. A 
senior official said at a unit of chemical, biological, radioactive and nuclear weapons , "We have sent samples to 12 laboratory confirmed some use napalm or one of its derivatives. if our suspicions are confirmed it would be the first time that terrorists are made ​​like this will mark a new stage. " an: Guardian

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