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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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The Guardian: Daash hired RoHS Fallujah to hide its dead and his explosives



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The Guardian: Daash hired RoHS Fallujah to hide its dead and his explosives

Post by rocky on Tue 12 Jul 2016, 3:52 am

The Guardian: Daash hired RoHS Fallujah to hide its dead and his explosives

 translation / Ahmed Alaa 

On the ground floor of the Fallujah General Hospital, which was a stronghold of theorganization Daash, the gunmen use that mosque them floor. On the other side out of the hospital, stands ambulance Off, new guards buried just militants Daash after he clashed with them in fighting that lasted for hours weeks ago. since then, the security forces are working slowly sweep through towns abandoned by themilitants bomb, known as " the city of minarets Fallujah would" have changed in terms of arrivals, Its population aboriginal departed, and remained a ghost town and the walls are witnessing a strange and many slogans writings. in all parts of the city, experiencing homes and abandoned buildings writings of them at thehands of security forces and Shiite armed groups who appeared to them the joy after he won the battle within six weeks. slogans were all referring to denounce organized Daash, loyalty figures Shiite holy, while the victory came at the hands of the Iraqi forces that fought and it stormed the cities, with the survival of the Shiite armed groups on the walls of the city. pro-government groups have played a prominent role in achieving victory, according to employees of the government security devices. Ammar, spokesman for the emergency Ministry of Interior operations, says that his forces first entered the city of Fallujah, and after Badr forces, and headbands folks were right, indicating that all the Shiite armed groups have played prominent roles in the war on Daash often took precedence of the fighting. has not delivered the Shiite armed groups criticized Iraqis Hur role in the fighting and restore the city of Fallujah. Some Iraqis were afraid of the growing operations ofsectarian violence, while Western officials believe that these armed groups intervention is a violation of Iraq 'ssovereignty forces. In response to a question on the role of the popular crowd in the fighting, one of theofficers replied, "Whether you accept them or not, I came here - Fallujah - to liberate the Iraqis are content to live under the weight of regulation Daash. " varied slogans written on the walls between the sectarian and national, One of the employees of the popular crowd wrote , " this victory to Maulana Ali, "as wrote another" Fallujah in the hands of the Badr Corps now. " And spread banners Shiite filed against the scarcity of the Iraqi National Media, which fluttered just above the buildings and the headquarters of government for the city ofFallujah. Seemed the city after liberation, empty of people who have lived for more than three years under therule of the organization Daash, Fallujah would ghost town seems to move around something which only military vehicles for troops security. live a lot of displaced people of Fallujah , in a camp for displaced people in the desert in harsh conditions and an unforgiving environment because of the scorching heat, and it is unlikely that these displaced families return after months. the battle inside the city revealed secrets about the large number of scattered in the streets preferred militants Daash published waste in the streets and public squares to hide their bodies , according to security analysts or explosive materials that they were using a belief. in many scars and debris Street it appeared to be the effects of bullets and drilling, established the organization Daash court and filed a prison where his captors. This prison seemed burnt out whole after the security forces raided houses in them, while the other side has a small - sized prisons not enough area to put a guard dog init. In a nearby school , only a few kilometers away from the house, which contains iron prison, use themilitants Daash yard hub murder and execution, which showed the bodies of young people wrapped around their eyes and their hands red rings. it was buried nine bodies in a pit and one that status, according to captain Ali Ghazouani, who confirmed that all those who were here belongs to regulate Daash, and anyone who tried to escape'll find on this dead pit ravage by stray dogs. This put Fallujah under the rule of theorganization Daash, in the words of Capt.

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