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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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Defense Minister: overlapping powers of the security forces behind the attacks and the country of Ka



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Defense Minister: overlapping powers of the security forces behind the attacks and the country of Ka

Post by rocky on Tue 12 Jul 2016, 04:58

Defense Minister: overlapping powers of the security forces behind the attacks and the country of Karrada

 BAGHDAD / long-Presse 

He attributed Defense Minister Khaled al -Obeidi, assault witnessed in Balad district, which targeted the shrine of Mr. Mohammed, to a default and clear by the security forces, and threatened to "Asir account of failing." 
As revealed warnings addressed by targeting the Karrada district on asylum organize Daash to move the cells dormant in various regions of Iraq. 
he said al - Obeidi, said in an interview for a number of the media during his visit to the shrine of Mr. Mohammed in Balad and I followed (range Press), " the leadership that can not held accountable under itscommand of the security forces and monitor their work, you should not remain in a position of responsibility "he criticized" the justifications provided by the responsible for the security of Balad security leaders, for theinaction of its members in the performance of their responsibilities . "he added the defense minister said , " the first of those leaders was to report on its inability to provide security for appropriate action by the ministry , "adding that " The security leadership tasks is to pre - empt terrorist attacks before they happen, and not investigated" .ostgrb Obeidi "security squad responsible for protecting the shrine of Mr. Mohammed in theface of four terrorists with guns and bombs deficit , " adding that "it is unacceptable to shorten." 
he threatened defense Minister b "Asir account of the security forces against the failure to its functions in theprotection of Balad and the shrine of Mr. Muhammad, and zero tolerance with them , " adding that "what happened in the Karrada and country confirms attempt Daash to play a chord and the unity of the Iraqi people." 
He revealed al - Obeidi provided "warnings to leaders security before Eid and incident Karrada for asylum Daash to move the cells dormant in various regions of Iraq in response to the victories achieved by thesecurity forces , "calling on the security forces to" cautious in dealing with terrorism, especially with thepressure exerted by the security forces to organize Daash ".ouhml defense Minister security forces in various different forms , "responsibility for what happened in Balad of default led to the large size of the devastation and the fall of the 35 martyrs , " stressing the need to "hold negligent." He called al - Obeidi , National Security Agency and other intelligence devices " to perform its role in the follow - up , " adding that " the role of the security leaders abortion terrorist plots before they happen and not analyzed after the fact, to melt thecase in the end , " .ofatt defense minister that " the organization Daash It has all the material and human potential , especially after the recent strike in the western Amiriyah Fallujah desert of gray , "noting that" Daash exploits certain occasions conditions and concern for the security forces to launch attacks, and playing on the sectarian chord after losing ground through its cells dormant . "He added al - Obeidi that" security forces are making good progress towards areas Shirqat Qayyarah, and will witness the coming days , good results , "stressing the need to " fast dealing with security information to thwart terrorist plots. " 
he predicted the defense minister" implementation of the regulation Daash many attacks in the coming days because of the pressure faced by large losses fighters, land and finance ", based the existence of"overlapping responsibilities confuse security work , " al - Obeidi .oaattabr "this overlap in responsibilities One reason for security breaches, and the lack of clarity in security work," vowing to "hold accountable fornegligence in the performance of security duties."

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