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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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Edit 5 villages in Qayyarah cut Daash for Sharqat supply



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Edit 5 villages in Qayyarah cut Daash for Sharqat supply

Post by rocky on Wed 13 Jul 2016, 3:08 am

Edit 5 villages in Qayyarah cut Daash for Sharqat supply

 BAGHDAD / long-Presse 

Managed joint forces, on Tuesday, the Edit 5 villages belonging to the hand Qayyarah from the control of the organization Daash south ofMosul. This comes after four days on thesuccess of the joint forces to restore Qayyarah air base strategy. 
A security source in Nineveh province, said in an interview (to the extent Press), " The combined forces of the ninth Armored Division troops Almottaghvlh them managed to free the villages of (Imam west and bitter and village Jawaanh and the village of the stump and the role of the base) of the hand Qayyarah south of the city of Mosul. " 
the source, who requested anonymity, said that" joint forces managed, liberalization of the villages located on the western bank of the Tigris River, cutting supply lines Daash all spend Sharqat final form . " . 
A security source in Nineveh had announced, on Monday, for the closure of the organization Daash all its headquarters and raise Satarath in hand Qayyarah because of the considerable progress being done by thejoint forces towards Mosul. 
within underway in Mosul military operations, the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan ( PUK ) in the province , it was announced Nineveh, yesterday killed four members of Daash artillery Peshmerga forces to organize sites north of Mosul. 
he said Ghias Alsurja, media official in the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan ( PUK ) in Mosul , in an interview with(long - Presse), " the artillery Kurdish Peshmerga forces bombed day gathering of the elements of theorganization (Daash) Seazana terrorist in the village of hand Ba'shiqah north of Mosul. " He Alsurja " Thestrikes killed four members of the organization, and the destruction of two cars for them . " In the evolution impressively in the areas of Hawija, declared war media cell in the destruction of many of the organizing camps (Daash) and Oocarh killed elements bombed Iraqi Airways in the judiciary. 
The cell, in a statement received (range Press) copy of it, " the Directorate General of intelligence and Security information, accurate and confirmed, showed the exploitation of the terrorist gangs of government buildings and shops and the role of the terrorists as well, as warehouses for weapons and factories shielding and plating wheels and detention centers for security personnel and the headquarters of informational them security and locations, as well as the so - called Bal_husbh. " 
she said the cell that the " hawks air directed to those sites airstrikes based on information provided to the leadership of the air force booster accurate coordinates, which resulted in the destruction of many of them and killed them in Hawija, (45 km west of Kirkuk city), hand Zab (95 km west of Kirkuk), which is controlled by the organization (Daash) , "pointing out that" the most important of those goals return camp for terrorists Daash in the village Argemh, and shops in the area Zab was exploited Kmaqrat informational Doaash as well as the so - called Bal_husbh, and Okougllarhabiy named Murshid Ibrahim Hussein, was used as field hospital to treat the wounded Daash. " 
She cell that" air strikes also destroyed a nest of terrorist named Mahmoud Salman Ahmed intruder, was used as a store of weapons to gangs Daash, another terrorist called Daham Mohammed Haj belt, was exploited Kamadavh criminal gangs, "a banner that "warplanes Iraqi destroyed as well as the seat of so - called Islamic police in the village of lower candy, and Okra near the project hand Zab, exploits as a manufacturer of booby -trapping, a large store of weapons and gear near the control of molasses and killed it." 
He stressed the cell a statement that " the Iraqi air strikes also destroyed three large caravans containing medium - caliber weapons, ammunition and rockets local and two generators, and Okra is used to detain members of the security men, and another in the village of Renji after being used Daash as a laboratory for armoring and booby - trapping wheels gangs, as well as Walker in hand Zab used Daash gangs as alaboratory also booby - trapping.

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