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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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International warnings of a return to 30 thousand fighters in Daash to their countries



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International warnings of a return to 30 thousand fighters in Daash to their countries

Post by rocky on Wed 13 Jul 2016, 3:14 am

International warnings of a return to 30 thousand fighters in Daash to their countries

 Baghdad / term 

The United Nations warned of the risk of thereturn of 30 thousand armed with Daash in Iraq and Syria now, to their home countries with the decline of land seized by theorganization, and called on the countries concerned to take, especially in Europe and the Maghreb, suitable to detect those "terrorists" procedures by carrying out attacks in which . 
, said Assistant Secretary - General of the United Nations counter - terrorism Committee, Jean - Paul Laborde, during a press conference in Geneva , I followed ( the long - Presse), said that there are "about 30 thousand foreign terrorist who currently resides in Syria and Iraq , " warning of " an increased risk of carrying out attacks in their home countries. " 
He predicted Laborde, that" those terrorists back to their home countries , whether in Europe or the Maghreb, especially Morocco and Tunisia, with the decline of the territory controlled by Daash in Iraq , "returned to" risk of terrorist operations in those countries have begun to increase more as a reaction to the losses faced by Daash in Iraq and Syria. " 
He called on the UN official, those countries because" take appropriate measures to detect those terrorists among the many groups belonging to the procedures and that the distinction between who is a threat from the other when he returns. " 
the counter - terrorism Committee of the UN Security Council , announced in a report, in ( the first of March 2016), joining more than 30 thousand gunman from nearly 100 countries in the world to Daash, 30 percent ofwhom are women. 
earlier, the British newspaper the Guardian said, that the extremist Daash group continues to land loss in Iraq and Syria after being driven from strongholds in Fallujah and destroy. Where it lost 12% of the territory formerly controlled by the first half of 2016, according to an analysis of the research group (ie Eich MSI). 
According to the analysis , which was published Sunday that the group continues to lose territory after a series of setbacks suffered last year. And it exposed the strongholds of the group in both countries to a coordinated attack. 
He says the analysis "in 2015 shrank succession alleged to 78 thousand square kilometers Daash any loss of 14%. In the first six months of 2016 shrank again at a rate of 12%, and in July remained in control of 68.300 square kilometer in Iraq and Syria. " 
in Syria , the group is exposed to pressure from subsidized Russian forces regime forces, and Arab - Kurdish alliance , backed by the international coalition. 
in Iraq , the Iraqi forces and the popular crowd has tasted its support of the international coalition, extremists series of defeats . Currently Daash forces are subject to the siege in the Syrian city of Manbej that depend on the main supply on a road between Syria and Turkey. 
In March the group was expelled from the historical city of Palmyra in Syria, and in June managed to Iraqi forces from expulsion from the Iraqi city of Falluja. In 2015 the group lost site of Tel Opied on the Syrian -Turkish border , as well as West March the city of Ramadi , the Pentagon said that the group haslost 45% of the territory controlled by Iraq and between 16-20% of the land in Syria. Said senior analyst Coulomb Struck said these losses mean that the group will double its attempts to carry out attacks causing mass casualties, he said , "At a time when shrinking the alleged succession and clear project fails, the group will give priority to terrorist acts. Unfortunately , we expect an increase in attacks that cause mass loss, and destruction of economic infrastructure in Iraq, Syria, and even in Europe . " in addition, a month in mid - 2015 Daash revenues of $ 80 million fell to $ 56 million in March 2016, according to the analysis. To Udwiko Carlino, another analyst at the research group says "this number continues to decline at a rate of 35% since March. In addition to the military setbacks on the ground, the for this landing impact on the internal cohesion of thegroup , as is evident from defections and operations Escape since January last." 
After loss of land and exposed to pressure, the group released a video Wednesday describing the"organization of the caliphate , " which claimed to control 35 " of the mandate , " including 19 in Syria and Iraq.

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