Baghdad / Iraq News Network counting the head of the Supreme Islamic Iraqi Council Ammar al -Hakim, the battle to liberate the city of Mosul as "final showdown" with Daash Alarac.ozkr terrorist gangs in a statement his office: that al - Hakim "met at his office in Baghdad the day ofAshura Brigades leaders after returning victorious editing Fallujah, stressing the importance ofdiscipline and commitment to reference the guidance of religious and military orders issued by thecommander of the armed forces , ".obges Hakim , according to the statement , " with the Ashura leaders of the victories that have been achieved in Fallujah and the northern Salahuddin and thebattle to liberate the next Mosul , "stressing that " the near elimination of Daash terrorist Valmousel is the final showdown ".ojadded" emphasis on the need for participation of the popular crowd in Mosul that the participating national necessity imposed by the city 's diversity and striking ability , which has become popular at the crowd through his experience in the breakers and operations against terrorism. "