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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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Iraqi Kurdistan News in brief – July 15, 2016



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Iraqi Kurdistan News in brief – July 15, 2016

Post by rocky on Fri 15 Jul 2016, 4:27 am

Posted on July 15, 2016 by Editorial Staff in Iraqi Kurdistan News in brief
[size=13]Turkmen official says Massoud Barzani will not stand in next presidential elections[/size]
Erbil: Massoud Barzani, said that he will not stand in the next Iraqi Kurdistan Region’s presidential elections in a meeting with Turkmen officials on Thursday. “I am not interested in the position of the president, but other (Kurdish) parties have not agreed to choose someone for the position,” Barzani was quoted as saying by Majed Bazergan, Head of the Turkmen committee in the Iraqi Kurdistan’s parliament. “Even if there will be an election for the presidency, I am not going to be a candidate,” Bazergan quoted Barzani. Barzani’s term as Kurdistan President ended on August 20, 2015 but refused to step down and remains unofficially in office. According to the law in Kurdistan, Barzani cannot run for presidency anymore. In March Barzani [size=13]told al-Monitor the day we have an independent Kurdistan state, I will quit presidency. |[/size]
[size=13]Gorran leader presents aims for Iraqi Kurdistan’s future[/size]

Sulaimani: The leader of the Change Movement (Gorran) said on Thursday that his party aims to create a national state which will not be a “prison” for its people in the future. Gorran General-Coordinator Nawshirwan Mustafa met with a number of university teachers, journalists, authors and advisors in Sulaimani on Thursday, Gorran media reported. Mustafa expressed desire for an independent state during the meeting saying, “Work has always been done to create a state and we do not want to create a state which will be a prison for its citizens in the future.” Senior Kurdish officials have made calls for an independence referendum in the region to gauge people’s appetites for such a move, despite the number of crises affecting the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG).
[size=13]Consulate announces U.S. provided Peshmerga with $5 million in aid[/size]
Erbil: The U.S. consulate general in Erbil revealed on Wednesday financial assistance the U.S. provided to the Peshmerga force in the fight against the Islamic State (ISIS). The consulate said in a statement posted on its official Facebook page, “The U.S. provided $5 million to help renovate Peshmerga dining facilities, barracks, latrines, roads, and classrooms at the Atrush, Menila and Bnaswala training facilities.” One Peshmerga who spoke to the consulate described the weapons they were provided with as “easy to learn and easy to use.” “We like the M-16 and the M249 SAW. It took a little bit to learn them after never having used one.

[size=13]Lack of services prohibits rebuilding Sinjar[/size]
Shingal: Eighty percent of Shingal (Sinjar) is destroyed, the frontline with the Islamic State is not far away, the city is a virtual military zone, and there is no water or electricity but a few determined residents have returned home to the city. Residents say the lack of services now is not too different from before the war when the city was under Baghdad’s administration but was neglected as it is a Kurdish-dominated Yazidi city in a disputed area.  |
[size=13]Barzani discusses Mosul with US Gen. Votel[/size]
Erbil: Masoud Barzani welcomed General Joseph Votel, Commander of the United States Central Command, in Erbil on Thursday, and, once again, Mosul was top of the agenda. “The President and General Votel spoke of the details of the planning for the Mosul operation and how that operation is a key to the collapse of the terrorists of the Islamic State,” reads a statement issued by the Kurdistan Region Presidency. “Additionally President Barzani repeated his stance on the planning for post liberation management of Mosul.”

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