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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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Coalescence army troops near Qayyarah isolates Sharqat and loses Daash oil fields



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Coalescence army troops near Qayyarah isolates Sharqat and loses Daash oil fields

Post by rocky on Sat 16 Jul 2016, 2:54 am

Coalescence army troops near Qayyarah isolates Sharqat and loses Daash oil fields

 BAGHDAD / Wael blessing 

Control of the joint forces on "Qayyarah" Air Force Base has led to the loss of one of themost prominent organization Daash sources offunding in the region. And become "oil Qayyarah" fields, to the north of the base, within the range of Iraqi fire, the cut line tosmuggle about two thousand barrels per day from these wells. 
In addition , security officials in Mosul isexpected, to start soon break into Qayyarah center, especially the process after the fusion of forces axial Sharqat and drunk after crossing the Tigris River south of the city. 
this comes at a time when the Ministry of Defence confirmed preliminary approval to a US proposal to send 560 new chancellor to the area of operations. This decision would raise many American advisers in Iraq to the4647 military. 
He Hadi al - Amiri, secretary general of the Badr Organisation , the most prominent factions of the popular crowd, refusing to statements made ​​by US Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter on sending hundreds ofAmerican soldiers to participate in the liberation of the city of Mosul from Daash operations. 
Announced Carter, last week from Baghdad that his country would send 560 additional soldiers to Iraq to help fight al Daash. 
he added that the final goal is to "restore Iraqi Security forces control the entire territory of Iraq, but Mosul is of course the larger space of it." 
declared Prime Minister Haider Abadi last Saturday, edit "Qayyarah" military base in the province of Nineveh. 
, deflected joint forces, which liberated the air base, a little bit about the way the decree after the revealed parts of the military plan last week to surprise Daash inside the air base. 
He denied security officials (range ) that the military forces have changed the date of the storming Qayyarah base, but they pointed to a change by the attack from the southwest to the southeast, causing surprise Daash. 
the organization has collected all the "concrete blocks" in Mosul, and put them in the southwest of the base Qayyarah , for engagement with the attacking forces for months before the occupation of the runway. 
and found Iraqi forces inside the base, the detainees alive, he was detained by Daash. Officials were unable to determine their numbers, but they expected that they Mosul residents who did not comply with the orders of the organization. 
The Qayyarah base, which lies 58 km south of Mosul, the largest strategic military bases and the estimated area of more than 6 square kilometers, and includes two runways Airways, one of them is one of the longest military bleachers in the Middle East, with a length of up to 3800 m. 
Qayyarah oil fields 
, says Hashim Albraivkana, head of the agency in the Nineveh provincial council 's security committee, said that " the coming of Sharqat joint forces and the other from a drunken met in Qayyarah, after a pontoon bridge over the Tigris River mode" . 
saw Albraivkana in an interview (term) that " the restoration of Qayyarah whole process will be very close," adding that " the troops secured the air cleared the runway as al - Qaida 's role, one near the base ofresidential neighborhoods." Also dealt with the engineering teams of the army, according to Albraivkana, anumber of roadside and car bombs on the perimeter and inside the base. 
The importance of hand Qayyarah in occurred on the road between Mosul and between the districts ofHawija, southwest of Kirkuk, and Sharqat, north of Baiji. And it became the organization Daash in those cities suffered total isolation. 
The attention Albraivkana, chairman of the Committee on Energy and oil on behalf of the Council of Nineveh, to the economic importance of the restoration of Qayyarah and fields its oil. 
Before the control Daash Mosul in 2014, was Qayyarah fields produce a total of 15 thousand barrels day. 
but the head of the energy Committee confirms that production fell to 2,000 barrels since the control of theorganization on wells that began smuggling as one of its sources of funding. 
according Albraivkana Daash no longer able to exploit the fields due to its location in the range of fire fromIraqi forces after the liberation of the military base. But the official says that the organization is still dominated by "fields Najma" , located to the north of Qayyarah. 
The Oil Ministry had predicted in 2012 that a production fields "Qayyarah" and "Star" oilfields around 230 thousand barrels per year - end 2016 indicated the ministry that it is preparing to drill 364 oil wells inconjunction with the Angolan company to develop those fields. 
local administrator urged the military to exercise caution targeting those fields during the attack on theQayyarah. 
the organization Daash rely on the survival of Qayyarah base in his hand for several months, so has collected all the "concrete blocks" of Mosul, and put them in the southwest of the military establishment, for engagement with the attacking forces for months. 
Daash detained parents 
in the meantime confirms Ghazwan Daoudi, a member of the Nineveh provincial council, said the Qayyarah become trapped in full, adding that "Daash feel confused and began leaking its host to Mosul." 
He stressed Daoudi, in connection with the (range) yesterday, said that "Daash began to launch random arrests against civilians in a campaign of Qayyarah." 
and lived hand Qayyarah about 140 thousand people. The attention of a member of the Council of Nineveh to claim joint forces to protect civilians to "provide safe outlets around drunk to Depkh camp." 
The numbers of people displaced from Qayyarah has arrived, until last week, to about 10 thousand. As local officials stressed that the humanitarian situation of the displaced people "very difficult" because of the heat and thirst, and the lack of aid. 
Seeks government Nineveh to convert (Depkh) camp, which is located midway between the drunk and Qayyarah, as a way station "transit" through which to move the displaced to Kirkuk and Erbil and Baghdad after obtaining the required approvals. 
but not getting displaced people in the camp , but the meals are limited food provided by the UAE Red Crescent Society, and some of the UAE's humanitarian organizations. 
the officials said (range), the governor of Nineveh province Nofal Akub bought on his own account some tents for the displaced. Agriculture Minister Falah Zaidan, who was present at the boycotted drunken operations also contributed, from the moment the starting edit Qayyarah operations, sending water and food to the displaced.

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