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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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Daash admits killing "military commander" in the life of the Chechen Sharqat



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Daash admits killing "military commander" in the life of the Chechen Sharqat

Post by rocky on Sat 16 Jul 2016, 3:03 am

Daash admits killing "military commander" in the life of the Chechen Sharqat

 Baghdad / AFP 

Confirmed the Department of Defense, it carried out an air strike to kill the life of theChechen one of the most prominent leaders ofal Daash in Iraq without confirming his death officially, despite the announcement that the agency "deep" associated with the organization. 
He said Peter Cook, a Pentagon spokesman . " There was a coalition in 10 of July current raid on a meeting of the organizing Daash near Mosul. we believe that the Chechen Umar was present with 16 another official. ""We believe it was a successful strike , but we are unable to confirm his death." 
The agency announced "deep", close to the organization, the killing of Chechen Wednesday, but did not say when or circumstances of his death, saying only that he was killed in Sharqat "while taking part in repelling campaign Mosul. " 
said Peter Cook said the Pentagon was considered the Chechen Dead sentenced to a short period , but the US military received information about his participation in the meeting near Mosul , and decided to implement anew blow. 
Pentagon Chechen considered (30 years), the Georgian citizen known beard Sahba ridges and Bhmasth in battles, was a "minister of war" in the organization Daash, has been spotted Washington a reward of five million dollars for those who guide it into place. 
decided the international coalition led by Washington to get rid of the group 's leaders, said the US official Bert Makgrk before the close "coalition spends them at the rate of cadre one every three days. " 
It is not the first time that the killing of Chechen likely, as the media and social networks continue to news ofhis death reported in the past before they reappear. In March, an official at the Ministry of Defence Secretary announced the Chechen killed in an air strike in the north - eastern Syria. 
The original name (Tarkhan Timorazovic Batirashvila) was born in 1986 Lab Christian mother a Muslim in the Pankisi Gorge in Georgia, where the majority of the population of Chechnya. Assassin Chechen Russians within Georgia 's military in 2008 left the army for health reasons later before and jailed 16 months for possession of the weapon being arrested. 
Emerged in Syria in 2012 as the leader of a faction " of migrants battalion", and the majority of foreign fighters. And swore allegiance to the organization Daash in 2013, and was appointed military commander of the area north of Syria between 2013 and 2014, according to what he says Ayman al - Tamimi, a researcher and expert on jihadist affairs at the Center for American Studies , "Middle East Forum" to AFP. 
Although the military rank of a Chechen is not clear, however , Richard Barrett, the "tinder" Advisory Centre told AFP that " the military leader of the most important" in the organization. 
he stressed that the Chechen Barrett was "enjoys the loyalty of Chechen fighters who are the elite forces in organizing Daash." But Chechnya has never been part of the organization 's political leadership, which is themost secret of the military structure. 
, Calling supporters of extremist organization with "fierce fighter." Despite the importance of the Chechen military, the Syrian Observatory for Human director of human Rami Abdel Rahman said , "see if the news ofhis death be sure, the effect will be symbolic only, without real impact on the ground because there are other military leaders." 
Selects the terrorist organization, according to Abdel - Rahman, " They face that wants to bring it on theinternational scene, and the Chechen was among them, but he 's in store for a number of real leaders out of sight. " He led several military operations Chechen extremist organization in several Syrian cities , including Aleppo and Hasaka, Deir ez - Zor and Raqqa.

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