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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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Iraqi f16 destroy the offices of the police and the calculation and real estate in fresh bath



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Iraqi f16 destroy the offices of the police and the calculation and real estate in fresh bath

Post by rocky on Sun 17 Jul 2016, 3:26 am

Iraqi f16 destroy the offices of the police and the calculation and real estate in fresh bath

 Baghdad / term 

The Ministry of Defence, yesterday, theimplementation of the planes the f16 successful air strikes on Daash sites in theHamam al- Alil and Hawija, confirmed thedestruction of the headquarters of thecalculation and the Office of the real estate and the Office of Police and the unity of security investigations, as well as the deaths of many elements Daash. 
The Defence Ministry said, in a statement posted on its website and seen (long) it, it was "based on the receipt of intelligence information by the Directorate of military intelligence, enables heroes air force command and through the aircraft (f16) from destroying the headquarters of a mission to gangs of terrorist Daash in hand fresh bath south of Mosul resulted in the destruction of the so - called Emirate of the country killed deputy emirate terrorist Sami Ahmed Humaid aka (Abu Anas). 
The statement added that the airline was able to "destroy the headquarters of the calculation and the death of judge Abu Zahraa al - Obeidi, and the destruction of the Office of the real estate and the killing of theterrorist Musab al- Mohammad Ebadi aka (Abu Abd al - Rahman), and the destruction of the police Bureau and the killing of the terrorist Ashraf Mejbel Hassan Fendi Hayali), and the destruction of the unity of security investigations and the killing and wounding many of the gang members Daash. " 
the statement noted that" the international coalition aircraft carried out a successful strike in the boycotted Hawija resulted in the killing of two of the most prominent leaders of Daash in Kirkuk and two terrorist student Hamid altitude aka (Abu said) and to Hawija and terrorist Mohammed Khalaf Mohammed Saleh , aka (Abu Saif al - Jubouri) and to Kirkuk , "pointing out that" the strike was based on intelligence information by theheroes of the military intelligence Directorate. " 
In another statement, the Defence Ministry said that" heroes of the Directorate General of intelligence and Security in Nineveh managed in coordination with the Air Alliance, the destruction of two gangs Daash village Derbas and Alaosjh and destroying a tank and mortar Mffersta and killed 20 terrorists. " 
he said the defense statement that" based on the Directorate General of intelligence and Security Information, in coordination with its directorates operating in the provinces of Salah Din and Kirkuk and theleadership of the air force heroes, was the destruction of a number of headquarters of gangs Daash criminal and killed them. " 
the statement continued by saying , " airstrike on Ootairh village in the Riyadh area were destroyed headquarters Daash killing 20 terrorists among them terrorist Muthana Salem, destroying two houses within the hospital Hawija , and killed the two, used the Kmzkhr to treat the wounded Daash. " 
she added , " has been the destruction of the control of gangs Daash (control Rahman Abu Ouf) and killed them too, and control with a trench elements Daash in the Riyadh area / Hawija spend and killed them, as well as the destruction of the headquarters of a break for snipers Daash in Hawija media and their office and store missiles with headquarters up to them and kill who 's in it. " 
in Salahuddin, according to the statement of defense, said that" the heroes of the Directorate General of intelligence and Security in Salahuddin, in coordination with the army Aviation, were able to abort the attack ,my exposure to gangs Daash on the axis of Baiji / blather through the village of Umm al- Jamal, which was destroyed 20 wheel attacking and killing 60 terrorists. "

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