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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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US Magazine: edit Mosul force consisting of 25,000 troops and peshmerga involved with 3 brigades



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US Magazine: edit Mosul force consisting of 25,000 troops and peshmerga involved with 3 brigades

Post by rocky on Sun 17 Jul 2016, 3:29 am

US Magazine: edit Mosul force consisting of 25,000 troops and peshmerga involved with 3 brigades

 Baghdad / term 

On February 19, a senior official at the US Central Command leaked details about theexpected military offensive on a large scale in the Arab world, a battle to regain control of the Iraqi city of Mosul from the grip of theorganization Daash. The official said thecombat operations could begin in April, will involve up to 25 thousand Iraqi and Kurdish forces. 
He focused the debate that this announcement was followed mainly on the wisdom or logic behind the leak of the battle plans, and to some extent on the viability of the timeline for the plan of battle. 
But More importantly , here the question may be: How should I liberated Mosul , so as to ensure long - term stability? After all, if the cleaning of Mosul , gunmen Daash then fall , however , the organization once again after a few months, what is the point of this fight? 
The Mosul environment unmatched in Iraq. Valmousel far from Baghdad , in terms of location and culture alike . It is located about 200 miles from the capital, 100 miles north of the nearest Iraqi military bases in Baiji, which is a temporary foothold Iraqi army in the north, Mosul is also the second largest city in Iraq and it increases the population of a little over a million people, live in an area half the size of Baghdad. it 
also includes Mosul mosaic of religions and races, and had a population of Sunni Arabs represent 65% of thetotal population by the takeover of the organization Daash, the city in June 2014. in this upcoming battle, Iraqi troops city will attack most of the civilian population is still present therein; as it is , unlike the cities of Fallujah and Tikrit, the work of the organization is actively Daash to ensure most of Mosul 's residents remain trapped inside the city, and imposed Daash sponsorship system, which requires those who leave the city to identify three people punished instead of him if it fails to return. 
the liberation of Mosul , a unique challenge for the Iraqi government and its international partners. 
It is clear that the Iraqi government can not count on the Shiite factions in the restoration of Mosul, packing items popular Shiite Sunni tribes desperate has helped in some cases, but Mosul is the capital of the Sunnis in Iraq, a city that the expulsion of its inhabitants security forces in June 2014. 
It is also can rely on the Kurds in the fighting inside the city; where the Kurdish units will not receive any welcome at most, especially in the western and Arab side dramatically from Mosul consequently, all of this raises the question is: who is going to liberate Mosul? 
according to the leaks , the central leadership may include attacking force five brigades of the Iraqi army, with three brigades of the Peshmerga, and Iraqi forces younger Kqguat support, and suggest other reports that it will enter force of policemen in Mosul as a stabilizing force in the areas that are cleared. 
if the conditions were perfect and smart planning, the force is planned from 20 to 25 thousand troops sufficient to complete the task. In the best - case scenario, militant networks and the community may begin to Mosul to turn against Daash, and help remove them from their areas, have been exaggerating organize Daash impermeable to do here, and carried out atrocities provoke rejection of the largest of its existence and accelerate the demise. 
It is possible to accelerate the occurrence of any of these possibilities through air strikes of the alliance, and enable the United States to work units psychological operations, which will control the cellular system, and you communicate directly with the public, and it would be like attacking force would serve to achieve this scenario by working to grab symbolic sites such as Mosul Airport. military compound next door, and even bridges of theTigris River. 
but at the same time, an attack through the use of such a gamble dangerous small force also, and Iraq army never tries to post - Saddam achieve such an endeavor ambition to seize Mosul. 
Unless torque Daash in keep control of Mosul , a much more fragile than expected, it will spend Daash such military force is fast and simple, where he will face this force , in fact a huge number of military tasks, and will be in every region of the city 's sprawling regions, addressing the tactics of deception and traps and therestoration of stability and services. on the 
other hand it must be emphasized here that the Mosul dam, is a dam located about 50 km north of the city of Mosul in Nineveh province in northern Iraq on the course of the Tigris River, was built in 1983 with a length of 3.2 kilometers and a height of 131 meters, and is the dam largest dam in Iraq and the fourth largest dam in the Middle East, the dam is located near the ASCII connector. 
it later turned out that the dam was built on the soil of nature is capable of endurance , so had to be reinforcing concrete dam injection on a regular basis to ensure that its collapse. this process began in the mid - eighties, but after invasion US to Iraq in 2003, the injection of concrete work has been going to the city fell into the hands of the organization Daash. 
, who controlled organization Daash on Mosul in the June 11, 2014, and began militants organization to move towards the south of the city of Mosul, in a surprise attack, strongly estimated their number at more than 2,000 fighters, distributed on three sides, Tikrit force of 750 fighters, and the role and Samarra strongly in 1500 fighters, while a small force took over the attack on the areas of Sharqat and Baiji and Chinese. 
She stressed the Iraqi military data at the time, that what happened in Mosul and other provinces is infidelities led to the defeat of the Iraqi army from those areas and enter organization Daash from Syria, and helped them elements of the organization of the Iraqis, as well as some politicians in the Iraqi state alleged by theIraqi government. 
I fell completely city of Mosul, also fell dam, but it is only two weeks later, Iraqi forces had regained control of the dam with the help of coalition - led forces the United States, but maintenance work stopped without any mention of reasons, and then the Iraqi government announced it was awarded an Italian company a contract to carry out emergency repairs to the dam , which suffers from structural defects since it was built in theeighties of the last century and needs to be continuously injected to keep the architecture intact.


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Re: US Magazine: edit Mosul force consisting of 25,000 troops and peshmerga involved with 3 brigades

Post by Neno on Sun 17 Jul 2016, 9:23 am

Pretty important to regain!

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Insane Investor
Insane Investor

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Re: US Magazine: edit Mosul force consisting of 25,000 troops and peshmerga involved with 3 brigades

Post by sassy on Sun 17 Jul 2016, 9:30 am

Looks like they're getting there!  duck Seems things are moving pretty fast to me!

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Re: US Magazine: edit Mosul force consisting of 25,000 troops and peshmerga involved with 3 brigades

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