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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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Army plans to open five fronts simultaneously in three provinces and predicted a tough battle in the



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Army plans to open five fronts simultaneously in three provinces and predicted a tough battle in the

Post by rocky on Mon 18 Jul 2016, 3:21 am

Army plans to open five fronts simultaneously in three provinces and predicted a tough battle in the "status"

 BAGHDAD / Wael blessing 

Airline Western alliance for about a month continued, pounding a small town located west of Anbar, was leaking militants to "Al -Baghdadi" base , which includes US forces. 
Continuous and intense on the southern Euphrates River areas raids, paved the way for approaching theresolution of this axis militarily, in order to devote themselves the Iraqi forces then the last battle against the"Daash" in the far western Anbar. 
the look of five destinations in Iraq now is a candidate to start a military operation, simultaneous or narrowly, three of them in Anbar, and other operations are divided between northern Salahaddin and Mosul. Because of the capacity of the large theater, Fears rising from the dispersion of forces effort, warn observers. 
The security sources have revealed (range) and the arrival of combat troops to Ein al - Asad base in the hand , al - Baghdadi, (90 km west of Anbar), coming from Baghdad strength thousand troops Iraqi army with weapons and military equipment in preparation to cleanse the western areas of Onbar.ooodan sources close to the western Anbar operations , " the security forces completed all the preparations for cleansing the rest of the western regions , including: status, and Rawah and Anah, and Obeidi ,, and armoire, which are based regulation and destruction basing themselves the points. 
in the meantime , MP for Anbar province and a member of the Commission on Security Mohammed Karbouli ready clans in the districts of Anah and Rawa and Qaim to support the security forces in the liberation of their cities from the control of the organization Daash. 
Karbouli said, in a press statement received (range) a copy of it yesterday, " the clans in the western region of the province of Anbar , eager to declare zero hour to have form and share with their brothers in the armed forces and security agencies to expel factions terrorism and keeping the land after its liberation. " 
He called the head of the solution parliamentary leaderships of Anbar and island operations to" take all military and logistical preparations and coordinate cooperation with tribal region Bank to accelerate the liberalization oftheir cities operations and the expulsion of a guerrilla organization Daash terrorist access to the Iraqi - Syrian border. " 
the commander of the island operations , Maj . Gen. Qassim Al - Muhammadi has called on Saturday, all thetribes of Anbar province to do a" Charge "with the army to liberate cities of Anah and Rawa and Qaim west the province. 
Front the first 
of his part revealed see al - Issawi, head of the security committee in the Anbar province, for "opening thedoor to volunteers in front of the sons of areas of Anah, Rawa and Qaim, to participate in the processes ofliberalization and maintain the security of these towns." 
He said al - Issawi, in a telephone conversation with ( range) yesterday, that " the military operation in western Anbar areas has become imminent , " likely to be forthcoming operations "easier than the processes of liberalization of Fallujah and Ramadi." 
and take over the Iraqi forces, on a daily basis information from the people of Anah and Rawah on themovements of militants Daash in their areas. Controlled organization on the western Anbar regions in thesummer of 2014, after his gunmen flow across the Syrian border, prompting Iraqi forces to withdraw from those cities. 
The insurgents if they enter into these cities, the implementation of the provisions of the execution of the field against the officers and soldiers refused declaration of repentance. And saw those areas, two months before the crash , however , militants, completely calm after the isolated itself from the course of events in Fallujah and Ramadi. 
The juxtaposition of the three districts, the provinces of Salahuddin and Nineveh, and some have a common border with the Syrian desert, which led to the enclosed manned earthy hampered the entry of militants They for some time. 
He attributed the residents of these areas distancing themselves from the escalating conflict in southern Anbar then to kinship factor which prevent the penetration of Daash them. on the 
other hand is expected Issawi to witness the "status" battle of the hardest due to its location on the border with Syria, which calls for securing the border before launching any operation to liberate the city. 
and took Daash of existing spend the prime of command and control in Iraq 's center, a point near the city of the Syrian border, and the decline of strikes Iraqi army weapons and foreign. 
the international coalition carried out the end of 2014 on the terms of the existing pommel air strike targeted a meeting of great leaders from Daash. The leaked news of injured organization 's leader , Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi , who was a participant in the meeting. 
The time has not been news of the killing of al - Baghdadi confirm, however , that the locations and accounts of pro-regulation on social networking sites exchanged "mysterious condolences , " and calls for patience. 
Front second and third war 
in the meantime look second war front approaching decisiveness, as it reveals Ghassan Ithawi, a leader in themobilization of Anbar, the band moved from the 7 forces of the Iraqi army, and the operations of the island and the desert, the "city of the cupboard" south of the Euphrates, near al - Baghdadi. He pointed out that Air Alliance continues its bombardment for 25 days. 
He predicted Ithawi, who spoke for (range) yesterday, said that "today is under control on the small town ,which was sending militants into a modern and al - Baghdadi." 
So the Iraqi forces are preparing to go to its destination the third and final in Anbar. Forces seek to cleanse the north of the Euphrates River regions, stretching north - east of Ramadi to the cities of western Anbar. 
He says Ithawi " The northern gray areas, very wide and associated areas of desert open , " pointing out that " the band forces tenth dominated in recent weeks , all areas of Albu Aath , Albu Faraj, Albu Obaid, and acid) , "referring to the presence of elements Daash in the village of Albu Ali Jassim, and Albu Assaf. 
in June, gunmen fanned out for several hours in the north of gray areas, which restored Iraqi forces six months ago. He attributed Observers reasons for the return of Daash to those respects to the dispersion offorces and the policy of "skip areas." 
Last fronts 
in the meantime are planning joint Iraqi forces to return to Herquat from the northern axis , rather than south axis, having exceeded last week the city toward the hand Qayyarah. 
He says Khazaal al - Qaisi , local administrator in the Salah al - Din, and was driving until recently a group ofhis clan fighters in Baiji, " the joint forces urged North Sharqat residents to stay away from the areas where the militants", referring to the nearest storm the city from that axis. But al - Qaisi pointed out that the road south of Sharqat bumpy from featuring two mountain ranges. 
The look Sharqat, which includes about half a million people, besieged from all directions, except corridor link across the Tigris with the town of Hawija, southwest of Kirkuk, while al - Qaisi says that "this observer theway from aircraft and being bombarded continuously. " 
the organization" Daash ", has mourned the death last week of Chechen Umar, military official in theorganization, and the man who is close to the organization 's leader , " Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi , "and said he was killed in the battles Balherquat. The sources expected in Salahuddin be Chechen came coming from Mosul to organize the ranks of fighters Daash, when he was killed in Sharqat. Iraqi authorities did not confirm thenews of his death until the moment. 
In the meantime , the number of displaced people arrived from the direction of Baiji , Sharqat to about 100 thousand people. Iraqi forces are still preparing to open the fifth and final front in the war against the "Daash" towards Mosul after the liberation of "Qayyarah Airport."

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