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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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US newspaper: Fallujah residents have resisted the influence of Daash despite intimidation and entic



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US newspaper: Fallujah residents have resisted the influence of Daash despite intimidation and entic

Post by rocky on Mon 18 Jul 2016, 3:28 am

US newspaper: Fallujah residents have resisted the influence of Daash despite intimidation and enticement

 translation term 

When Ms. Rabia Hassan took her daughter to hospital in Fallujah before the battle began in May (May), said a doctor Daash - Mosul - it will be a process only if it allowed him tomarry her daughter. Says displaced in a displaced persons ' camps "already this doctor that he married three girls from Fallujah, I was forced to leave the hospital with my daughter." 
He says the people of Fallujah that Daash group captured the city in 2014 and promised a revolution returns year to power, and provide services that the government has failed to provide. Echoed this promise in the city 's tribal province , which was seething after years of government neglect and mistreatment of the security forces. 
But with the siege of the Iraqi forces to the city and the depletion of money, the more brutal Daash fled nearly 100 thousand people two years ago, and remained 80 thousand in them. Why they stayed and how they endured and how he resisted some of them? I 
tried Daash that a group demonstrate its ability not only to the maintenance of areas but the Department ofIslamic statehood as well. In Fallujah , diminished public services provided by the Group to the general population at the end of the day when the government cut off electricity for the city and the increased prices of food and fuel. 
Analysts say Daash group failed to sustain local support that could have played a role in the crash in Iraq if the government is able and willing to intervene. 
he says Kawa Hassan, director of the Middle East in the East West Institute in Brussels, "it is possible that these will be a turning point. if the Iraqi government played a positive role. the government has to start thepolicies of non - sectarian in addressing local grievances" 
and near a bridge hanged Daash by Iraqi soldiers occurred in captivity, the group turned to a mosque to acourt imposed a harsh interpretation of Islamic law, and over time provisions included severe penalties for simple violations. 
says Hamdiya residue from the vine "My husband was sitting in a shop with some friends of the elderly, and they were talking about the lack of services and food. shortly after the employees came to them a Daash to say: Why do you talk bad about us? So they took my husband for ten days and beat him through it . " Says another native of Fallujah , "we were like prisoners, does not allow us to speak." 
Despite attempts to impose Daash iron grip, there were flashes of a challenge to the people of Fallujah. She says one of the workers cleaning the Fallujah hospital they took abhors treatment Daash of the people , "I told them that the Iraqi police are better than you, Vodona in a car and went me to the bridge near the industrial zone and threatened to cut off my head if repeated so to speak, but I was scared." 
They were asking for men Bnatilhm shortened to above the ankle and to grow beards, as called for women towear Jilbabs cover the whole body. Says Fawzia Abdul "They came and asked me why do not you wear a veil I told them that I'm not too old and will not wear it , and when threatened thrashing Balkeppl I told them Sortdi. If you gave me the price to buy it" 
and joined some residents to organize either willingly or under duress, but most of them were poor people who do not have the ability to leave to another place. When the gunmen began to allow the families to leave the city in exchange for payment of more than one hundred dollars per capita, only a few families from paying the amount you can not. 
Canceled Daash curriculum in schools and imposed a special curriculum. Some families refused to send their children to school and can not be different arguments. Soad Khalil says , "we told them that we do not send our children to school for fear of air strikes." Children enrolled in the study did three years ago because most of the schools turned into the headquarters of the fighters of the group. 
And says another mother " was limited lessons on religion only, there were not lessons in history or geography or language." She says she left the eras of the study, which is in the third grade average, "brought us own books teach us not only about guns and religion, and we could not study science or English." 
The main Fallujah hospital center for the organization. After the control Daash the city withdrew the Ministry of Health the doctors and nurses, says parents that they brought doctors Syrians and Palestinians and theEgyptians and the Chechens to replace Iraqi cadres except one of the doctors were from Fallujah. 
Another incentive to join young people to the group in the Arab community governor is to reach the women.While the fighters are secured Daash Aloesideat sex slaves, who were married for granted. He says a police officer from Fallujah , "they are asking families to either allow the boys to join them to send them to thebattlefront, or give them one of their daughters." 
With the shrinking Daash - revenue that used to come from taxes and smuggling of oil - the group began toconfiscate the entire staff salaries, with the rise in food prices began storing food rations for its fighters ,leaving the poor parents fed on animals dates allocated for everybody. 
As for other materials , including sugar was deemed ungodly. The team says Abdel - Wahab al - Saadi commander of special forces " have made ​​everything forbidden for people they let everything for themselves".

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