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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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Minister of Justice: the presidency is falling short of the implementation of executions



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Minister of Justice: the presidency is falling short of the implementation of executions

Post by rocky on Tue 19 Jul 2016, 3:38 am

Minister of Justice: the presidency is falling short of the implementation of executions

 Baghdad / term 

Justice Minister Haider al - Zamili, Monday, that the Presidency of the Republic "is remiss" in regards to the ratification of the death penalty, saying that his ministry will implement the verdicts even more after the amendment of Criminal Procedure Law , which was ratified by the presidency last week. 
He said Zamili at a news conference , yesterday in the parliament building, and attended (range) that " theevents of traded recently on death sentences are exaggerations and contradictions incorrect , " noting that "all state institutions established to serve the interests of the people and the preservation of their rights at home and abroad, especially the release, imprisonment or the death penalty and other . " 
said the Minister of Justice that" the facts of Iraq newspaper will tomorrow publish another modification of thelaws of the Ministry of Justice , "he said , adding that" this amendment preserves the rights of citizens dropping off comeuppance those convicted offenders and will allow the ministry to speed up toimplementation of the verdicts of more than the current number. " 
He denied Zamili" presence delay in the implementation of death sentences on the grounds that what ishappening is the governor and binding to the Ministry of Justice procedures must be followed, namely , that the case be certified by discrimination, and lifted then to the presidency of the republic to be authenticated. " 
the Minister of Justice that" the presidency is falling short of ratification by presidential decrees for the death penalty but the ruling procedures are so disrupted what makes us into a vacuum. " 
came the Minister of Justice 's comments followed hosted by the Human rights Commission in Parliament yesterday, to discuss the ratification of death sentences, and intersections recently raised between theministry and the presidency on the back of the bloody bombing witnessed Karrada district early July of this. 
the MP Ashwaq dry recently it revealed the determination of the Commission on Human rights of theparliamentary hosting and Justice Minister Haider al - Zamili and adviser to the President Khalid Huani and Prince Kanani within the Commission. 
she said dry in statements to the media that hosting Zamili comes against the backdrop of the presence ofunambiguous information on the subject ratify death sentences, especially after the bombing of Karrada terrorist, besides having sported another in real numbers of terrorist suspects. " 
the bombing of Karrada wave widespread criticism affected the Ministry of Justice and the presidency to Tlkahma in the implementation of hundreds of death sentences issued against the terrorists , Iraqis and foreigners. 
and accelerated the presidency and the Ministry of Justice of the ratification and implementation of death sentences against 10 convicts, it turns out later that some of them involved in criminal cases, and the others belong to the Sadrist movement. 
in the meantime, he described the cleric Moqtada al - Sadr presidency ratify the execution of some of his followers as a political act decadent and asked to distinguish between the terrorists and insurgents. 
Commenting on the general Iraqi prisons director , who revealed that the 170 a decree sent by the presidency to the Justice Department , mostly issued against Sadrist sons statement, al- Sadr was " a political act decadent nicely." he said 
, adding the chest, in a statement seen by (range), he said that "demanded their release told that so and so calls for the release of terrorists 
and did I ask not silence the voices of some of the " currents ".." 
he continued by saying , "but I ask the distinction between terrorist and murderer of innocent - resistant."

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