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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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Fox News: Elements Daash renouncing it after being caught in the grip of the Iraqi security



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Fox News: Elements Daash renouncing it after being caught in the grip of the Iraqi security

Post by rocky on Tue 19 Jul 2016, 3:45 am

Fox News: Elements Daash renouncing it after being caught in the grip of the Iraqi security

 translation term 

Claims Zahir skyscraper beautiful - 27 years old, a former fighter in the Daash group - he shirk from the terrorist group, but Brigadier Sarhad capable Mohammed, from Kirkuk police, says that this disclaimer is common among the prisoners who are facing the gallows. 
It was for this terrorist big role in killing dozens of men, women and children, and today faces a penalty for the crimes he committed.   
in an interview with Fox News were held with him in a city of Kirkuk jails Zahir talked about joining Daash in 2013 details of a fighter participated in the invasion of Mosul, and how it was disappointed by the dark vision terrorist group . 
He says , "at first they told us that we are all we will go to heaven, but with Quaa in captivity Fannie inevitably going to hell." Since the two and a half Zahir languish in solitary confinement. He says he joined the Daash Like many of the young year , opponents of the Baghdad government . "He talked to me a man named Peace and made ​​me was associated Bdaash. He told me that it is my duty of jihad and persuaded me to fight against the government. Have engaged them and they are planning for operations in Iraq and Syria." 
The Zahir lives with his mother and three of his brothers in the district of Hawija , south of Kirkuk. He had a decent job related to agriculture, did not understand his family the reason for his desire to join the Daash group who spread terror in the world. 
He says in the early days were mostly recruits from the youth in his twenties, but soon swollen their ranks with soldiers from the former Iraqi army have experience and experience in combat and trained for light and heavy weapons. 
task was to control the country and the killing of "infidels" and followed by Muslims who stood particular group, "it comes to consolidating the role of Islamic law and the establishment based on the rule of law world. 
they tell us that the people here are Muslim but They are not true Muslims, and to establish the caliphate we have control of the economy and the seizure of all the oil fields . "In the beginning allowed Zahir carry weapons, but with the growing Daash issued orders not to carry weapons outside the battle , but by thesenior leadership and medium known" princes. " 
at the beginning of 2015 beautiful prince became responsible for 70 fighters from the group in the city of Baiji.After control of the city of Mosul, the group left to the Baiji oil - rich, and with the momentum of victories and increasing Mratbha through the flow of foreign fighters, began to fight the Kurdish and government forces for control of Baiji , home to the largest oil refinery facilities and important energy bring a lot of money. Over 18 months, the city passed from group to Iraqi forces , and vice versa , and it was the people trapped in thecrossfire. Zahir did not give an approximate number of civilians killed by he and his team, but he admitted his involvement in the murder and delivery of prisoners to his superiors to exercise them torture and then death. 
Were arrested Zahir with a group of co - conspirators in a village near Kirkuk, was the Kirkuk police intelligence information about him. After his arrest and face justice , it seems that his conscience has awakened, he says , "What 's bothering me that I was responsible for the killing of many people for nothing." 
Said Brigadier General Sarhad that Zahir told authorities after his arrest that he was planning to escape from Daash, a claim you hear the police every time arrests the extremists, where he says "after being arrested trying to claim that they have given up Daash but they are liars often, we know that they are terrorists , but we complete the Special investigations." 
usually takes the investigation period of two months, isolating captive during which during interrogation by thepolice investigators and the forces of the Kurdish security Balosaah known. He adds Brigadier Sarhad that all prisoners are treated as "human beings" and not subjected to torture and other abuses prohibited byinternational law. 
After the completion of the investigation is to change the place of imprisonment of the prisoner and able to betogether with other criminals from Daash and other fighters, and then face the trial and sentencing , which is usually life imprisonment, but sometimes up to death by hanging for the terrorist acts committed.

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