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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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Daash Karrada bombing carried out in response to the loss in Fallujah



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Daash Karrada bombing carried out in response to the loss in Fallujah

Post by rocky on Wed 20 Jul 2016, 3:42 am

Daash Karrada bombing carried out in response to the loss in Fallujah

 translation term 

Exposed Daash group to a lot of pressure on all the fronts in Iraq and Syria, where he isunable to withstand ground attacks to Iraqi forces backed by air fleet of the international coalition in front , backed by Russian aircraft Syrian army attacks, having suffered military setbacks in both countries. 
This It may weaken Daash group but not crippled forever because it is possible to return to guerrilla warfare.It is certain that Daash would be committing other atrocities in Western Europe after the defeats that culminated in her loss of Falluja series. 
Often the group terrorist acts collectively against civilians as a means to show their strength and dominance on the news as part of their tactics at all times, especially when suffering from losses. There is a great hope for the decline and even its collapse forever. 
Received the group on its defeat in Fallujah send wheel loaded with explosives into the Karrada district ofcentral Baghdad has detonated , killing 292 people at a time when the Iraqi government congratulates itself liberation of the city , which many believe to have been the source of many bombings that claimed the lives ofmany people during the last three years. 
today claims Daash that Mohammed Bohlil - who detonated his truck amid crowds of people in the French city of Nice - is one of its fighters. 
bombing was directed against civilians in a public place and was its brutality extreme to the extent that instill fear and dominated the global news for several days. 
everything that was required to carry out the bombing is a criminal extremist ready to die as a sign of his faith. 
this is the rule tactic , which appeared in the events of atheist of September, but Daash group you used on abroader level up and are back down in Iraq Syria. Daash the center of Istanbul Ataturk Airport , an attack by gunmen and suicide bombers of the Central Asian Turkish security forces they did not think they were a threat because they assumed that they are seeking to overthrow President Bashar al - Assad and his regime in Syria.What gave the terrorism Daash hardness recipe is that it supported the mechanism of the state in the form of a succession alleged that can rally the men, equipment, expertise and money. 
There can be no peace in Iraq without reconciliation with the Sunni Arab component that derives from it Daash strength. Still Daash far from full Rout, but give up the population centers have not been able to launch a counter - attack successfully for more than a year, and will seek to deploy their networks of militants in other countries to confirm that the setbacks convincing more criminal acts , such as those signed in Baghdad and Nas.o said newspaper (Christian Science Monitor) was supposed to result in the expulsion of Daash fighters from Fallujah to Baghdad made ​​safer by demonstrating the ability to defeat the extremists and stripped of their safe haven from which to launch their attacks were on the capital. But the big explosion took place in the Karrada district after declaring victory in Fallujah. For residents of the Baghdad bombing was inretaliation for the loss of Fallujah. It is 
not surprising that the change Daash tactics and the nature and methods of attacks, and this is one reason for the astonishment of Baghdad 's population the size of the blast , which occurred as the military victory in Fallujah , creating a sense of receding risk. 
He says analyst Hisham al - Hashemi "Daash do not lose in the security file, but only in the military file. They changed their way of ideological war to the hidden secret war. " 
says Jan Kubis UN envoy in Iraq , " seeks fighters Daash who have suffered defeats on the battlefield to avenge their defeat by targeting vulnerable civilians. " 
however, the fighters Daash very other in Iraq, al - Hashemi says , "they are betting on inflaming sectarian war, it is possible that we are witnessing the activities of a new quality in terms will increase the targeting ofwomen and children more than before in order to pressure the government and the Iraqi army to stop attacking them."

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