BAGHDAD / News Network Iraq promised Hezbollah Brigades, on Thursday, the National crowd which was formed under the leadership of Mhaafez Nineveh former Ethel Najafi and the support and the assignment of a Turkish American, as "unrecognized force", and pointed out that it follows for "third - party", while confirming that it will be "at the forefront" forces will liberate the city ofMosul from the control of the organization "Daash . " said a spokesman for the Brigades Jaafar Husseini , in a press statement today: " the Daash represents the most important arms of the United States on Iraqi soil, and the presence of US troops in the country comes to prevent the crowd from participating liberalization of Mosul, "pointing out that " we took out the American force of arms and returned Fsnstahedvhm . "He added Husseini that" Mosul , an Iraqi city and the Hezbollah Brigades will be at the forefront of the forces that are going to release it from Daash , "adding at thesame time that" the National crowd unrecognized force it follows a third - party as well as that it isnot Mnazavia in the popular crowd . "the US Secretary of defense Ashton Carter announced onMonday (July 11, 2016), that his country would send about 560 extra troops to Iraq to help Iraqi forces to liberate the city of Mosul from the control of the