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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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Who is responsible for / Ttvic / competencies Private Banking



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Who is responsible for / Ttvic / competencies Private Banking

Post by rocky on Thu 21 Jul 2016, 6:14 am

Who is responsible for / Ttvic / competencies Private Banking

2016/07/21 | 13:01

(Encyclopedia of the Day News | Iraq News ) - By Monitor Economy News: I'm not inclined Btabaa conspiracy theory, but not want a to accuse anyone without proof, Merciful God said that you're claiming ' Bring the evidence, and that you are conveying Vthry precision. But Zawepehrlamurumajryatea discloses targeting clear the private banking sector and its symbols and competencies, and despite my follow up minutes into the sector and its activities, I did not have far to decipher Rmozhma targeting, Aotaatba goals and the real motives, hidden Awaljhat that stands behind it , but I can assure you without being accused by one, that Alaptzazles away from him. It isreally unfortunate that corresponds to this blackmail campaign unjust, silence is hardly applicable to the concerned authorities, or those supposed to be concerned and the sponsor of this important sector in difficult economic and financial conditions of happening once the country. It is obvious to the observer that there are suspicious points behind the campaign, in an effort to the demolition of the private banking sector, claims and fabrications and accusations of malicious extortionate no longer hidden one, which is for it sought and still seeks all Giralharifh means of terrifying the leaders of this sector, and agent charges spiteful her, to get her to leave the location and evacuation arena for Mptzan Oakley haraam wealth Sacred and users and speculators and gamblers , Garmoktrth what was to become of the economic situation in the country, while the Waglq private banking sector doors. We have revealed the resignation Acanutorsadeg Shammari , who represents one Abrzamayh the Iraqi economy ingeneral and banking in particular, the size of the pressures faced by the sector, as represented by the straw that broke Zarabaar, especially it came after a series of Giralmncefh actions , which affected the bankers more prominent, some of them sentenced to jail deprived them of practicing banking work forever. we must here to recall the charges malicious unjust , which affected Mscharrias Minister Acanutormzarmohamd Saleh earlier, which was deposited on the track prison before being acquitted and re Alaattabarlh and set the current high office, which means that the arrows malicious poisoned can affect everyone without scruples unethical or goal Sharif. At a time when we call on the government and parliament of the Central Bank and the Supreme Judicial Council and civil society organizations to quickly rescued the private banking sector distortion and Altshahyrwalthm malicious blackmail campaigns that is now threatening the entity and its leadership and competencies, we draw Alanzarobakoh to be silent on this situation, Aogd Alnzeranh no longer possible nor acceptable, therefore, the competent authorities of both its position to take the initiative and end the state of anxiety which now controls thebanking sector, and threatens to paralyze activity.

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