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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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Western diplomat: Abadi plans to restore Mosul in October



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Western diplomat: Abadi plans to restore Mosul in October

Post by rocky on Sat 23 Jul 2016, 3:09 am

Western diplomat: Abadi plans to restore Mosul in October

 BAGHDAD / Reuters 

Defense Minister Khaled al - Obeidi, said Thursday that less than 10% of Iraqi territory still under the control of the organization Daash but progress on the battlefield was not offset by an improvement in security in Iraq. 
He wrote al - Obeidi, the Tweets on Twitter from Washington before a meeting of defense ministers from the alliance the US - led against the regulation, saying that "progress in the military performance must be accompanied by further progress in the security file." 
he said that the suicide bomber, which occurred in central Baghdad earlier this month , bombing, which killed at least 292 people in a the worst attacks since the invasion led by the United States in 2003 "stark example" of this. He announced the organization Daash responsibility for the attack. 
He said the defense minister that the fight for the restoration of Mosul , which has gained impetus since therestoration of Fallujah and a base north aerial require information from intelligence and operations and thesupply and support of engineered air raids. 
He said he expected that most of the population , estimated at some two million people flee from Mosul , as they did in the recent fighting, and that the attack will need to coordinate with the Peshmerga forces of theKurdistan region of Iraq 's semi - autonomous. 
the up this estimate of the numbers of the population to nearly double recent estimates by the United Nations expects that the displacement of the connector will require the largest humanitarian operation in the world this year. 
He acknowledged Obeidi , the need for political understandings on the attack and managing the post - exit organize Daash, but can not guarantee that Iraq is able to achieve before the start of the battle. 
despite the lack of announcement that Iraqi and American officials timetable to march on the city, a resident senior diplomat in Baghdad , the official said Western, he said Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al - Abadi wants toenter Mosul by October next month. 
Western officials say that the restoration of the city without a plan to restore security and basic services inaddition to the necessary funds and personnel to implement that threatens to repeat the mistake the Bush administration in 2003 Baillstha government without the other new plans. 
She lives in Mosul and its environs different ethnic and religious groups is located between Turkey, Syria and Iraqi Kurdistan, and increased fighting against al Daash tension between many of these communities. 
Obeidi said Iraq needs to help its allies in securing the cities and the border, but the post popular mobilization forces troops will be in accordance with military plans and the decision of the commander in chief of thearmed forces. 
the faces of some elements of the popular crowd accused of committing human rights abuses in previous battles, including Fallujah. Commented Obeidi violations , saying on Twitter it was " a betrayal of the sacrifices of our military and our people and place of condemnation and calculate strictly." 
Speaking later to a small group of reporters in Washington, al - Obeidi said he expected to convene organizing Daash to use the same tactics he used in previous battles to defend Mosul , which range from IEDs to thetrenches and tunnels. He added that he does not expect to enter the city of Mosul , Peshmerga forces. Obeidi said , "We will not allow them even to participate in the liberation of the city."

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