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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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US newspaper: not resolve the role of the crowd and the Peshmerga in Mosul liberalization may delay



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US newspaper: not resolve the role of the crowd and the Peshmerga in Mosul liberalization may delay

Post by rocky on Sat 23 Jul 2016, 3:16 am

US newspaper: not resolve the role of the crowd and the Peshmerga in Mosul liberalization may delay the process

 Translation: Ahmed Alaa 

Rapid progress towards the restoration of thecity of Mosul , gunmen Daash in recent weeks, it was revealed the rivalry between Iraqi political factions over who will take part in the planned attack, especially if therestoration of Mosul process, subsumed to the conference primarily in the Washington agenda. 
As a discussion between the defense ministers of the participating countries at the conference on defining aclear strategy against al Daash, as well as discuss the forecast the humanitarian crisis during the start of theprocess of the attack. 
the organization Daash as advertised during the last period, lost the vast territory in Iraq and Syria, but looks to regain Mosul character more complex process on the grounds that it province tangled political and social structure and population density. the 
problem today facing the liberated forces is how to achieve a balance between ethnic and religious interests inconflict, as it is likely that these factors affect the military offensive, despite a recent Iraqi and American officials for making progress in the liberation of Mosul, as the process said Iraqi defense Minister Khaled al -Obeidi at the end of last week that " the preservation of civilians is the biggest challenge facing the Iraqi forces, rolling toward the depth of the city." 
It is likely that another group offered a role in the restoration of the city process, they are fighters of theSunni tribal Shiite armed groups and forces , the Peshmerga. the 
participation those armed groups from all sides, making the Sunni civilians in the province stricken fear themainly Shiite groups regarding them funded by Iran and carried out the agendas of Tehran - according Aatkadhm- as well as fear of the role of the Peshmerga forces in the exercise of reprisals against them, according to their belief , too. 
Khalid al - Obeidi, and the sidelines of the Washington summit, said that " the army has a plan to take control of Mosul, but they need the support of the different religious and ethnic groups, and the Peshmerga will play asupportive role in the restoration of the city process, but they will not enter Mosul." 
he said al - Obeidi , " the plan need to be a political agreement before the start of military operations , and the government hopes to win support for the plan in the coming weeks. " 
pushing its part , the Shiite armed groups to participate in the restoration of the northern city process, as aspokesman for Hezbollah movement, said his group take the lead city and will be liberated from Daash, as he put it . 
Muhsin al - Sadoun, President Kurdish bloc in the Iraqi parliament, says that " the Kurds are keen to defend Mosul, as evidenced by the role of the Peshmerga and progress against the militants Daash, and that their participation in the battle to regain control of Mosul, is to protect the Kurdish population and Kurdish interests there." 
tensions between the different forces in Iraq among them, that about mostly divided along sectarian and ethnic lines. As the Iraqi army accused the Kurdish forces arrested a group of Iraqi soldiers and beating them and torturing them. 
Maan al - Saadi, the leader of the anti - terrorism forces, says "We are trying to focus on tightening our control of the areas surrounding the city and securing roads, bridges and clean up pockets of insurgents, and that means we need to forces to catch the ground and preparing for another attack. " the 
minister Obeidi pointed out that the military campaign may be delayed because of the presence of civilians in Mosul, indicating that they had government forces enough experience to deal with residential cities through what is gained from Fallujah, Ramadi and Tikrit , battles and other areas, and this will be only the role of tribal fighters and units of the popular crowd, according to the minister expression. 
it explains the Iraqi defense minister role of tribal fighters , saying "we are trying to keep them away from populated areas, because we believe that they do not have adequately trained nor are they a great informed on how to use the weapon properly." 
the militants Daash have sold their property in Mosul and left their places there and headed to Libya, expecting that they will have the strong endorsement by the pro - extremist groups them ideologically. 
It is estimated the number of militants Daash in Mosul until now, about an armed 5000 after they were nearly 11 thousand armed in the past two years, sources indicate to the number Daash militants in Iraq and Syria fell from 20 thousand armed to a third of this figure.

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