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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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Experts call for the investment defeat Daash to speed up the recovery of Mosul



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Experts call for the investment defeat Daash to speed up the recovery of Mosul

Post by rocky on Sat 23 Jul 2016, 3:17 am

Experts call for the investment defeat Daash to speed up the recovery of Mosul

 translation: Range 

Months ago the Iraqi government is preparing to launch an attack to regain the city of Mosul of al Daash. Today , it seems clear that theextremists know that the attack is imminent, which sent fighters these extremist group their wives and children to Syria, Turkey and pulled down the black Rayatem buildings to hide important targets for air strikes , the international coalition and planted the explosive in the road and set fire to the oil wells to impede the progress of Iraqi forces. 
He says a Mosul residents "Daash declared a state of high alert and canceled all leave and called Certified fighters to join the duty immediately." During this month regained Iraqi forces from Daash air base 40 miles south of Mosul will be used as a starting point the task of Iraqi forces. 
At the same time, the US military said it was sending 560 additional fighters to Iraq to carry out the duties include protecting the air base in anticipation of the siege promised long ago. 
Mosul is another force to Daash center in Iraq, where he regained the Iraqi forces the city of Fallujah andother cities the gunmen held since their sweep of the country two years ago. 
he pledged Prime Minister Haider al - Abadi restoration of the city of Mosul by the end of the year, but does not seem clear when will the attack so far. 
he said Faisal Issawi from the people of Mosul , said the time is right now to face Daash, because some of its fighters fled the group for fear of the epic battle. He added , "The government should take advantage of the chance chaos afflicting Daash after losing to the air base. Also, the organization lost some of its leaders are trying to fill the void." 
Says the Iraqi officer , Abu Mohammed , said Daash despair where erected checkpoints fixed and mobile to hunt for fighters fleeing from the battle front . Also began searching for police officers and ex - soldiers to arrest them as pose a significant threat.   
He said Iraqis have fled from Mosul , said people trying to flee out of fear of the parties are fighting side bygovernment forces, where they heard the news talking about the abduction, torture and execution of Fallujah residents suspected of collaborating with Daash. 
He says Abu Ahmed, the health officer from Germany, who fled from Mosul last year with the help ofsmugglers , but he is still in contact with his family in Mosul, "some people are afraid of these parties and Aikhun army, where they think they will take revenge from the residents of the city." 
he says two brothers from Mosul , said Daash exploits violations tapes in Fallujah to scare parents , where displays it in the media centers in the streets and distributed in the form of compact cassettes. "   
anxiety of these parties shows how the Mosul residents are torn between loyalties, many of whom oppose thecorrupt members of the military who have served previously in Mosul, and embraced the armed group after troops output the government of the city. However , the interpretation of Daash hardline Islamic law and theoppression and mismanagement of the city sparked anger. 
He says Haider al - Jubouri, the owner of a grocery store in Mosul, "when the army collapsed in the beginning people felt joy, but they now regret and wish the return of the government." Bad economy of the city management is a key factor in the disappointment of the people especially the fixed deductions from employees and new taxes ' salaries. 
He says Mohamed Zakaria, who fled from Mosul to Baghdad after the invasion of the extremists of the city, "They are imposing taxes on trivial things such as switching license plates to bear the name of the (state Nineveh), as they looted the teaching hospitals and homes, and some hospitals are used specifically for them. " 
the owner of the grocery store , " can not the city last longer under Daash without suffering from famine, I can not sell a kilo of tomato by more than 10 cents but Yet people do not even been able to spend this money. We live extremely difficult conditions in the recent period, people are hungry and waiting for the arrival of the Iraqi army to end this suffering. "

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