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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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America and the imposition of military intervention in the battle of Mosul: the good, the challenges



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America and the imposition of military intervention in the battle of Mosul: the good, the challenges

Post by rocky on Sat 23 Jul 2016, 5:42 am

[size=30]America and the imposition of military intervention in the battle of Mosul: the good, the challenges and expectations[/size]
23/07/2016 01:27 | Number of readings: 1
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Direction Press /
Washington is seeking to impose a military intervention in Iraq, through the mobilization of the West to engage militarily with it. As it seems that the Iraqi reality today is different from the time previously intervened America.Iraqi public opinion, opposed to it. Which means there are many risks and challenges facing the American option. How America is trying to impose intervention? What are the challenges faced by Washington? What expectations?
US and Western Conference and seek Washington
The spokesman for the French government if Stefan Bean two days ago, that France and the United States are preparing for a coordinated attack against the terrorist organization Daash in the city of Mosul in northern Iraq.As France has announced that it will respond to the terrorist attacks on, a greater role in the fight against the terrorist organization in Iraq Daash Syria. The US Defence Secretary Ashton Carter, confirmed that the new American troops that Washington wants to send, will enhance the capabilities of the Iraqis in Mosul editing process.
On the other hand, the Washington conference, announced in his closing statement, provided the requirements of the Iraq funding in the near term in a number of basic needs. The conference, which was held to collect foreign and defense ministers of the 40 member state of the international coalition against al Daash terrorist in the US capital Washington. In a statement referred to the US State Department that the sponsors of the Conference of the States, will provide more than US $ new two billion have been awarded to the Iraqi people, in response to Daash authoritarian campaigns that led to the suffering of the Iraqi people, and assistance in dealing with difficult situations and strive to create conditions to allow the safe and voluntary return of displaced people to their areas as soon as possible.
America between the good and the preparations for the Liberation of Mosul
Washington is seeking to complete the process of liberalization of Mosul before the US election. As analysts came out to talk about the CIA, it began to use terrorist operations in operational policies, in order to push states to intervene along with Washington militarily in its war against alleged terrorism in Syria and Iraq. Which may apply to France, the recent events. How America has sought to prepare for the Battle of Mosul?
- Washington is trying to mobilize Iraqi support, especially after that I felt that the idea of ​​intervention has become unacceptable to public opinion in Iraq today. And by increasing the field and informational its work in Iraq, and the organization of joint work meeting under the advisory addresses with the tribes to form and strengthen what it calls Washington's "Sunni crowd." Which is contrary to trends Iraqis seeking to act collectively.
- Doing the signing of a security agreement with the Peshmerga forces, and provide security and financial assistance and intelligence 50. A component of the Peshmerga forces for. And it is to be under the tutelage of the American party.
- Attendance at Qayyarah base and try to win the formal Iraqi support for the Liberation of this region. , As announced by US Secretary of Defense during the recent visit to Iraq, that US forces intend to use this base to participate military operations. Which raises many questions about Washington's real control over the objectives of this rule, which enjoys a position Gioaskara important!
- To mobilize the western French cooperation, especially cooperation. This is confirmed by the official announcement by France readiness to participate in the Mosul operations.
- The convening of the Washington conference, which included representatives of 40 countries, members of the international coalition, founded by America under the pretext of eradicating terrorism, which claimed the quest to support Iraq, both financially and help him in his war on terrorism.
US efforts and the risk of the expected challenges
Washington wants, and by focusing on the air campaign and its quest to win the cooperation of the Kurdish and Sunni, edit Mosul before the US elections. It is what makes America faces serious challenges, namely:
First, on the official level, the Iraqi government insists that the Iraqi edit any area by Iraqi forces and the popular committees, specifically the popular crowd, and not by any external forces. After that this policy has proven successful in achieving military, political and social objectives that serve the interest of Iraq.
Second, at the grassroots level, what the Iraqis still keep in their minds, the experience of Ramadi and elsewhere in Iraq, in which the Americans intervened and the result was significant damage and loss of civilian life. Resulting in great suffering among the people, especially in the tribal areas. Which makes the popular ground in Iraq, rejecting US intervention.
The consequences of the US military presence
The US efforts, seeking the role is not consistent with the nature of the current Iraqi situation. Since America has cost $ 1000 billion during its military presence in Iraq, it withdrew without achieving any results. It means that the Bank and the US forces to intervene in Iraq today, it will be a pillar of opposition to it, in order to constitute a popular military forces, fighting alongside the official Iraqi forces, this presence, and hit the US military presence. Especially that this is not acceptable by the Iraqi public opinion. Which makes it an inevitable result. It is announced by Saraya peace which was formally threatened US forces, and confirmed by the speech of Mr. Muqtada al-Sadr, who announced that US forces would be the goal of Saraya. As the experiment confirms the potential for that to happen, especially after the face of the Mahdi Army, which is the nucleus of the Peace Brigades, several painful blows to the Americans in the past.
Americans are moving in the plot, according to their interests, under the glamorous addresses no longer deceive the Iraqi people. As many wonder about US efforts, especially after Iraq has proven its ability to fight terrorism without the need for outside. At a time when it seems clear that the All-American endeavors, not in the interest of the Iraqis, but also aims to divide and re-weaken Iraq.

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