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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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US site: There is fear of melting Daash in the community to come back later



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US site: There is fear of melting Daash in the community to come back later

Post by rocky on Sun 24 Jul 2016, 2:54 am

US site: There is fear of melting Daash in the community to come back later

 term translation * 

With pressure Iraqi and Kurdish and Syrian forces on the Daash group, and theprosecution of Turkey for the networks thatsupport them and sympathizers within its territory, it seems that the days Daash are numbered two years after the terrorist rule in the region. 
It is worth mentioning that Al - Qaeda was on the brink of defeat in the year two thousand, but after the US withdrawal from Iraq missed an opportunity to prevent his appearance once again returned to emerge as the"Islamic state in Iraq and the Levant." But the defeat of the group this time require rebuilding the political process if we want to end the violence. 
Ten years ago , the Jordanian Abu Musab al - Zarqawi was killed by two bombs addressed the laser struck thesafe house , who was attending a meeting in which, launched by the US occupation forces. Between 2003 -2006 extremist network founded by al - Zarqawi in Afghanistan has become a well - known bad reputation in parts of Iraq because of its brutality and Taiviha against non - Sunni Muslims. 
But the killing of its leader , did not stop the anti - insurgency occupation did not spend on the network he founded and which was called then - Qaeda in Iraq . Al - Qaeda has continued in Iraq integration with other armed groups and thus calling itself the (Islamic State in Iraq - Farewell), and the continued campaign ofterror against Shiite civilians helped in fueling the sectarian war in Iraq. 
The network began collapsing after the killing of al - Zarqawi under the momentum of the US forces that persuaded Sunni tribes allied coup on the network and killed a number of senior leaders and hundreds of militants. It showed the events of 2006 - 2008 the weakness of al Qaeda in Iraq when pressed from theoutside and inside of the Iraqi Sunni community simultaneously. 
Were not the end of the Zarqawi network , which fell to lick its wounds near Mosul, where he gradually managed to re - establish themselves as head shaft Sunni opposition against the verdict fanatical despot offormer Prime Minister Nuri al - Maliki after the American withdrawal in 2011.   
crux of the problem for Western leaders is that despite the overthrow of Maliki - at the insistence of President Obama against the American air assistance after reaching Daash the gates of Baghdad , set in 2014 - the nepotism corrupt system still remains, this does not bode well for reconciliation efforts after losing Daash twin in Mosul and tenderness capital because the basis of support Daash was always from within the Iraqi Sunni community. 
while Daash benefited from the partial collapse of the Assad regime and the expansion in Syria, broke withmany of the extremist al - Qaeda and joined the front the victory. 
the majority of the Sunnis in Syria and with that a lot of them feel marginalized by the upper - Assad 'sregime, the numerical strength means the possibility to win them over political power from any settlement after the end of the civil war. 
this does not apply to Iraq 's Sunnis , who suffered their areas of destruction as a result of frequent fighting.In 2010 hair Sunni component that deceived when support mixed Iraqi List headed by Iyad Allawi, which won more seats in parliament to see Iraqi courts declared that al - Maliki has the first right to form a new government. 
Then he began Maliki declared that the Iraqi List supports the Baath Party , and arrested leading politicians of the year on charges their involvement in terrorism. The year began protesting in the streets of big cities, and those protests when it was attacked by the security forces has turned into an armed uprising against Baghdad. 
That is no longer the same date after the fall of Daash must be real doors of dialogue open with the Sunni component. Many Sunnis have an interest to enter into a genuine political dialogue with the central government over regional governments in the six Sunni provinces against the expulsion of the remnants of theextremist groups, as the strategy of confrontation used by these armed groups tasked year thousands of lives and destroyed important cities Kalrmada. 
After dismantling the succession Daash alleged perhaps Group trying to repeat the trick I 've played after themomentum of the troops, and fade into the fabric of the Sunni areas to return later to launch a terror campaign targeting Shiite civilians, as demonstrated Daash skill in navigating between conventional war and guerrilla warfare at the same time sustain terrorist cells beaten outside and inside the country for thedisbursement attention from setbacks. 
the international community should pay the authorities in Baghdad to the lack of treatment of the Sunni provinces as occupied territory, and thus restore the past ten years mistakes, because it lends legitimacy to rule Daash radical in areas dominated by, while the goal should be to provide the level of government best followed the rule of terrible group. Reconciliation and self-governance, economic aid is the only way that can eliminate forever the extremist networks program that appeals to the youth of the year. 
The find foreigners difficult to control events in Iraqi politics divided, as even the Shiite component is divided and has agendas are conflicting. 
Collapsing Iraqi army has proven in 2014 that the Baghdad government is unable to control the Sunni areas byforce what he reopened the door to the American military influence. And President Obama now mentioning his successor by the civil war , which resumed after Maliki ruled Patchwork settlement that left him the United States. 
The formation of mixed Iraqi List proves that Sunni and Shiite political factions can work together within theIraqi political system , even if it is for self - interest . 
Since the fighting is still going on with Daash the time is right to look for the leaders of those wishing year in cooperation against the militants, and Washington , through its support of the Iraqi army to use its influence with the ruling circles in Baghdad to push the Sunni forces to secure some Sunni areas simple starters mutual reconciliation between communities in the country.

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