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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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America's plans to send more troops to Iraq to participate in the liberation of Mosul



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America's plans to send more troops to Iraq to participate in the liberation of Mosul

Post by rocky on Tue 26 Jul 2016, 3:24 am

America's plans to send more troops to Iraq to participate in the liberation of Mosul

 term translation * 

He met with defense ministers and foreign more than 30 countries in Washington for two days in meetings about the next steps to be taken to defeat Daash group which still controls large parts of Iraq and Syria.

During the meeting showed the ministers ofdefense concern about what will happen after the defeat Daash expected, and whether the countries areready to rebuild the cities , especially in Iraq war and stabilize the torn, according to US Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter , who added that some countries had agreed to increase its contribution to the fight with theapproach of the battles to restore the cities of Mosul , the Iraqi - Syrian and tenderness. 
after the first session today Carter spoke to reporters , saying that a lot of talks took place about the need for reconstruction after the fighting, and pointed out that " the biggest concern strategic , who is this group of defense ministers is that the efforts to achieve stability lag behind the military campaign and must be our priority to make efforts keep pace with the campaign. We discussed it today, tomorrow will be focused dialogue on this issue with our counterparts from the foreign ministers. " 
for his part , Michael Fallon , British defense Minister stressed the need to do more to make sure of the ability and willingness of people to return to their towns in Iraq, where he said " We must make sure the coalition of its ability to support the Government of Iraq , including required after the liberation of Mosul, and that includes restoration of services and eliminate the threat of improvised explosive hidden until everything is mined rubble efforts. Parents do not have the confidence to come back unless we clean up their areas of explosives. " 
The gathering comes at a time when preparing Iraqi forces - with the help of the international coalition - to lay siege to the city of Mosul and then restored. The continued defense ministers meeting for two hours, and this is the fourth time that regulates where Carter a meeting of the alliance 's anti-Daash. on 
the other hand the guest John Kerry , US Secretary of State Wednesday conference separately in an effort to raise at least two billion dollars from donor countries to help Iraq regain its territory Daash, where will allocate these funds for the relief of displaced people and the removal of mines and help the liberated areas and thereturn of residents to them, reconstruction and development assistance. 
the Foreign Ministry said that donors have pledged more than $ 2.1 billion addition to providing US $ 310 million in additional funding, Kerry said , "if we do not succeed in Iraq will not be our safe . Al Daash plans against all of us has proved his ability to attack us one way or another. So we fight all we can and help the government of Prime Minister al - Abadi Iraqis and friends are an important part of a campaign to defeat Daash. " In 
turn , said Brett Mcgork, special presidential envoy to the alliance," we succeed on the ground in Iraq and Syria, but still we have to do a lot, he a great challenge Salazemna for years to come. " 
the rally in the wake of the NATO summit , which was held in Warsaw earlier this month where he agreed allies to increase support for the task of fighting Daash including increased efforts to train and build the Iraqi armed forces capabilities. the 
United States announced it would send 560 additional fighters to Iraq to turn the air base by restoring Iraqi forces recently to the starting center for the battle of the restoration of Mosul , which is long overdue. 
for his part , Gen. Joseph Votal US Central command , said the United States did not send large numbers of troops to Iraq so far, but would soon. 
he added that with the campaign 's progress the United States will continue to do what is required - including sending more troops - to meet the combat requirements, where he said "we will look to increase theadditional capacity needed to achieve our goals." 
it is also the Alliance in promoting the fighting in Syria , where fighting US - backed forces in order Manbej city , which lies on a main supply line from Turkey to tenderness fundamental objective of the international coalition.

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