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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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Washington monitors $ 20 million for the rehabilitation of Qayyarah Air Base



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Washington monitors $ 20 million for the rehabilitation of Qayyarah Air Base

Post by rocky on Wed 27 Jul 2016, 3:30 am

Washington monitors $ 20 million for the rehabilitation of Qayyarah Air Base

 Baghdad / term 

Stressed Prime Minister Haider al - Abadi, said the battle to liberate Mosul has achieved important victories in the first and second stages, stressing that developments are going in secret in order to preserve the lives ofMqatlina.orvd division of the popular crowd in Mosul , parties and clans, and stressed that the victory at hand, pointing out that the government will deal with those who have committed crimes in Mosul , according to thelaw. on the 
other hand revealed MPs from Nineveh for the allocation of the United States more than $ 20 million for therehabilitation of Qayyarah air Force Base, while drew out that this rule will be ready in one month. 
Ebadi said, during his meeting with the Governor and vice and members of the Nineveh provincial council, "We have achieved important victories in the first and second phases for the Liberation of Mosul and in secret inorder to preserve the lives of our fighters , " stressing that " the Iraqi flag will raise soon, God willing , in Mosul , and we are moving plans for liberation." the 
prime minister added, according to a statement posted on the his website and seen by (range), said that "political differences Daash benefited to sow discord", stressing that "unites us and shared our work bring us alot of editing of Mosul . " he Abadi " The international community promised to set aid and are waiting to be fulfilled those promises , which began during the the few years in a credible result of the great victories achieved by our heroes, there is optimism in the world that Iraq is able to eliminate the gangs Daash militarily. " 
the prime minister said : " the government 's policy is decentralization , which is moving it and are eager to give powers to the provinces and Arjua him , "calling "not to divide the popular crowd in Mosul , parties and clans, because we want to fight the battle." 
He pointed Abadi that "Mosul have the privacy of the multiplicity of components , which is the source of her strength," reiterating "that the victory at hand and Aldoaash smitten and we will deal with the committed crimes in Mosul , according to the law ".ofatt Prime Minister to" start working to re - stabilize Mosul and editing will be easier and less losses if united our word. " 
He concluded by stressing the" importance of cooperation with the Kurdistan region and with the Peshmerga forces in the liberation of Mosul operations. " 
in the context of irrelevant, National Alliance MP Haneen Qadu, Tuesday, for the allocation of the United States more than $ 20 million for the rehabilitation of Qayyarah air Base disclosed. He stressed that the base will be ready in a month Ahd.oukal nostalgia Qadu, one of the representatives of Nineveh in the House ofRepresentatives, for (long - Presse), " The United States very much interested in the reconstruction ofQayyarah military base, south of Mosul, to be a base for Iraqi aircraft towards liberalization Nineveh of organizations Daash. " 
Qadu" The USA has allocated funds amounting to more than twenty million dollars for the rehabilitation of al -Qaida within a period of one month. " He pointed out that " the choice of this rule came to its strategic short of the processes that take place in Nineveh and cities surrounding will be the rule ready within a month from now . " For his part , area, Nahla Alhbabi said, an MP for the province of Nineveh, in an interview with (long -Presse) The "edit city of Mosul operations linked to the decision of the international coalition and the joint command and commander in chief of the armed forces." 
felt Alhbabi that "re - Qayyarah base will facilitate the movement of military forces being close to the city ofMosul and cities adjacent to them."

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