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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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Hamate: Folk crowd ready in terms of preparing and number and high spirit to liberate Mosul moral



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Hamate: Folk crowd ready in terms of preparing and number and high spirit to liberate Mosul moral

Post by rocky on Wed 27 Jul 2016, 4:28 am

[size=30]Hamate: Folk crowd ready in terms of preparing and number and high spirit to liberate Mosul moral[/size]
27/07/2016 11:56 | Number of readings: 1
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Direction Press / special
He announced the security spokesman for the popular crowd Yusuf hamate, today, that the popular crowd forces ready in terms  of preparing  and numbers and high morale to fight the next battle is not a battle ofMosul , only noting that we Snzv human to our people in the liberation of these areas from the grip of factions terrorist Daash.
Hamate in an interview for "direction" confirmed that the popular crowd forces have become not only chock full strength but are inalienable part of the military forces and considered fundamental forces assigned to it especially in the editing operations tasks.
With regard to customs clearance, which was issued by the prime minister as the popular crowd Kqguat parallel to the forces fighting terrorism replied hamate that this is Old released on February 24, 2016, after consultation with the leaders of the popular crowd, noting that the purpose of this Order is to re-install and structure of these forces more accurately and organized.
And the price of hamate importance of this decision, which has an active and positive role of the members of these forces, especially after owning a large admissibility between the circles of Iraqi society and Tstiarham brilliant victories factions terrorist Daash and releasing several areas and acquire the capabilities and experience of combat large, noting that all members of the crowd forces would fall within this decision To Esttna one of them.
A spokesman for the Popular Authority crowd MP Ahmad al-Asadi, a warrant was issued for my book forming and arming the crowd armed forces on the basis of brigades.
Asadi said in an interview for "direction Press" that "is Dioanaa issued by the Office of the Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces No. 91 of 2016 in which the popular crowd Kqguat anti-terror apparatus and the commander and vice-commander of the 20 Brigade and directorates Dolly."
He added that this formation "is in terms of equipment and training as the fight against terrorism and its association with General Commander of the Armed Forces, and monitor him suitable financial budget with this configuration."
Asadi said, "So far, more than twenty brigade commanders have been identified and received orders bureaucracy," noting that "the number of at least 20 brigade and not more than 25 Brigade."
He pointed out, "It's Diwani confirms the great interest the crowd forces because of their great importance in the liberation of a lot of areas of influence Daash terrorist brigades and these are the same fighter now in the breakers operations within factions of the popular crowd.

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